The Social Impact of Migration

The pattern of migration has both types of issues; if on the one hand, it provides opportunities to have a good life in a land of opportunities like America; it also raises issues of habilitation for those who are literally unwanted. In an article published on June 9, 2014, Nick Valencia has raised this problem of unwanted migration in the outskirts of Arizona. The article throws light on the facts related to undocumented children and teenagers who got migrated from Texas through DHS bid to reduce the overcrowding in the metro city. However, only shifting these children from one place to the other does not end their miseries and also, the author speaks of the growing tendency of making such single lead individuals migrate from the metros to the remote premises like Arizona.

The article is relevant as it makes a deep study of the social, economic and administrative facts related to the migration of the undocumented children.

The Social Impact of Migration

At first, the migration of undocumented children creates social imbalance. Such children have no one with them as their family member. They are left alone and therefore, there is literally none to take care of their lives. These children are of age around 6 to 17 years and thus, they behold the prime phase of life which is heading towards a dead end. According to the officials, "Last week, nearly 1,000 "unaccompanied alien children" had already arrived in Tucson and Phoenix from places like McAllen and El Paso, Texas, as part of a resettlement process of the minors, most of whom come from Central America, to their native countries"(Valencia, 2014). The data is alarming; the concept of family is getting challenged day after day because there is no future of such children and teenagers unless they get proper education, employment and social recognition. The most difficult part of their rescuing process is to provide social recognition. These children have no document of identity with them and they are treated like an objective to settle down the growth of population in the metro cities of America.

Load on the Economical Structure

Secondly, such children become the burden over the economy of the city in which they arrive. They have no means of earning their livelihood and they completely depend on the administrative system of the society. Government has to take care of them because after all, they are made to migrate from one place to another as per the expectations of the government. The implementation of migration policy does not end with their migration; it actually starts with it because unless they get self employed, they will put some extra load on the expenses of the government funds. As a matter of fact, they cannot be left on the roads either begging or getting involved in illicit activities leading to their becoming of a criminal. According to the author, many out of these children have preferred to return to their parents because with them, they feel safe and they can be facilitated through the means of earning of their parents.

Criticism of the Government Policy

Further, according to Nick, there are few critics like Brewer who dies not encourage this policy of migration in the name of settling the overcrowded state of metro cities.  In the words of Brewer, "I am disturbed and outraged that President Obama's administration continues to implement this dangerous and inhumane policy, meanwhile neglecting to answer crucial questions our citizens demand and deserve" (Valencia, 2014). The things are fairly obvious; people like Brewer are not ready to accept the government policies that are looking at the one side of the picture, ignoring the other which needs strong attention.


To conclude, Nick Valencia has considered the rising problem of migration of undocumented children in the various cities of America. He has assumed the problem as big because it is multi faceted; such migration affects the social, economical and administrative structure of the society. The government ought to revise the migration policies so that such children may get a good future and fulfill their duties as the responsible citizens of American democracy.

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