A True meaning of True Love

A True meaning of True Love

A true meaning of true love is caring of someone we love being with him. When he needs our help, during everything protect and look after him. It is important to consider that true love is just not a theory or imagination. It can occur in day to day reality. a true love must be created it does not just happen. We become capable of creating true love. When we commit to our own truth by dedicating himself to becoming aware of the white range of our thoughts, our feeling as they continuously shift and change. Once we are committed to our own truth we can work to create a true relationship. In a relationship that support truth, there is space or respect for both people to have whatever thoughts and feeling they may have.


Truth   in a true love means that we feel save to be open and honest about anything that seems important to share. A true love always will growing and evolving to continue to support truth integrating. In a relationship true love does not mean communicating thoughts and causing unnecessary pain. A true love in a relationship a safe or truth to emerge will challenge and support both partners towards increasing connection of their own truth .true love is a conscious decision to do what is best for other person instead of our self.

True love is not wanting to go anywhere. Love is the greatest gift god has ever given. I have been in love once in my life and yes, it is true love for me because still, we are together. I met with my partner during an assignment and we started dating from that time onwards. All I could find in her personality was the sharing of thoughts honestly with me. I reckon that a true love stands for clarity of relationship as well as equality of the gender. A relationship in which both the partners allow space and time to each other makes the relationship ideal. We followed the same pattern for five years and even now, I hardly remember anyone except my parents who understands me and my expectations better than me. I found a real, honest and very caring person in her soul and that is why I am very happy with her. As far as the question of romanticism is concerned, we romance very often but, never go vulgar. We maintain the dignity of relationship because we have determined to remain with each other forever. There are times when controversies arise between us but, we are fair and moderate enough to understand the concerns of any matter and we sort that out respectively. For me, true love also means caring, passion and living for someone whom I think the particular one of my life. Also, true love is not limited to the physical attraction so, I would not prefer calling my love erotic, it is rather spiritual and eternal.

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