To analyze strengths and weaknesses of a Team

To analyze strengths and weaknesses of a Team


In any industry it is not enough for a team leader to just distribute the responsibilities and role instead he should be analyzing the strengths and also consider some crucial weaknesses which could have an impact on work before assigning any task to its team members, also analysis of who all are strong in one part and weak in other must be done. Before analyzing these factors first better to understand their needs which are hidden in the team's objectives and must be connected with organization's goals.

It is essential to analyze the four pillars of your team which are standard for any strategic planning. Check into group's activities and find those situations and conditions which could provide benefit or harm to the team as well as to the organization. Detail and time consuming analysis is not required but some significant points which have a major effect on the team what it does and how it proceeds.

Involve everyone because there would be certain points you might miss but the team members couldanalyze and understand.

            Also analyze the aims and focused objectives in order for the team to must achieve, and what are its requirements and the points that could hinder the progress. Sometimes the team is not considered as a whole rather see how an individual gets fir into the team. Analyze the strengths and weakness of every individual and understand that how an individual can contribute in the team success,

While doing the analyses follow these steps:


Have the individuals in a team discuss and think over the practice and opportunities being followed in the organization and how is everyone able to contribute to the firm's success. Ask some specific questions associated to the technical and cultural fit. And Pen down all the data on a document.

Significant point

Have a conversation which has a relation to important points and look for some improvement areas of weaknesses and identify if it can be reduced by any training and support.


Now implement all the ideas and after the assessment assign the role and responsibility to the team members as per their fit, sometimes it is advisable to assign a less important task to the individual in the area to help him to get the knowledge. In this way at one point all team members would be good enough in almost all areas.

Strategy Planning

If you see the decrease in the team growth then bang on to do some strategy planning, at that time it is important to leverage the strengths o a team and minimize all the weaknesses. More creative solutions to prioritize actions and plans and align your strengths and weaknesses to formulate any strategy are the solicitation of team analysis.


            To analyze your team it is advisable to monitorthe above mentioned steps but do not take them as thumb rule, take it as a guide but it could be subjective industry to industry. It is required in addition to other tools also where to understand your team becomes easier and effective.

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