Writing Anxiety

Writing Anxiety

I realized that to write something is neither easy nor tough. It requires the critical thinking, clarity in ideas and encouragement to put your opinion into words. It should not be taken very hard and we should be focused while writing without creating any misconception about writing. It will help us in writing without any anxiety or fear. There is no doubt that this course is very beneficial for me in reducing my anxiety for writing. The specific elements of this course are content material, examples, clarity, simple and easy language and various tips and strategies are very helpful in reducing my fear and tension. Now I feel very good and relaxed while writing. In fact, I enjoy my writing. I did not feel any burden or pressure while writing.

Now it is clear to me that process of writing is simple, easy and same. It does not matter to which topic or for which course, we have to write. The study of this course help me in understanding the process of writing and this is the reason that now I feel confident and I prefer to use the same writing process for any type of writing assignment. There are various writing strategies which I would prefer to use for reducing my writing anxiety. First of all, it is important to identify the strength and weakness of ourselves, need to understand the writing process, need to remain calm while writing. It is important to set the goal before writing and if we got struck in between, it is helpful to use different ways of writing. If required to get support from teachers, friends and family members for the improvement.

Yes, I would like to get encouragement and tips for converting my ideas and opinions into constructive writing. I would like to work on how I can communicate my message in simple and easy way that makes the writing interesting and useful for the readers.

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