The modern changes in Muslim countries after First World War

The modern changes in many of the Muslim countries after the First World War were tremendous and noticeable. This empire was not of barbarian nature, as it was commonly known to be a fact. However this empire remained isolated for quite a while and there were many things about this place that was not known to many. Despite of attempts made by the European countries, this place remained quite isolated and steady. At this place, slavery was quite common and was considered to be legal. In the beginning the country had high rate of illiteracy rates and there were many practices which made no sense at all.  

Many countries tried to invade this place, and they were not successful at all. Not until the year 1729 this place was well established, and not much known to the people or rulers from other countries. Later, things changed and there were many things that were looked upon from a new and better perspective. Later on the Ottoman Turkey was developed and got many opportunities based on the merits the company had. This empire arrived right on time, when the Byzantine Empire was at the lowest peak. It has undergone many changes, and later on it adopted modern techniques to overcome the challenges that were faced by the Empire. This was not an easy task, and for this the country had to sign up many agreements (Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, n.d).

At the later stage, the Ottoman Empire also built up a centralized state which was mainly performed the ruling purposes. The rules and the procedure were followed by different Muslim countries. The intentions were clear and were meant to be practiced with all the Muslim communities.  Also, the country had to face lots of challenges due to high percentage of illiteracy, and also spoor means of communication. Gradually these challenges were easily overpowered and an attempt was made to make these countries more secured as compared to the others. There were many liberal changes made, and all of them were meant to provide maximum benefits to the people of the country. The attempt is still going on to make such countries economically, financially, and otherwise stable and strong.



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