Few Tips for improving your memory

Few Tips for improving your memory

Memory loss can be stressful and can be making your day to day life a little difficult. Many times it happens that we just lose our thoughts or ideas in midway of the path from brain to speech and before delivering them they are already lost. In a hectic day, or in a busy schedule many times you cannot remember every little detail because of a kind of memory loss. But never forget there is a solution to everything. There are many tips and exercises than can help improving your memory. In today's online world one can easily find such tips online. Also one can seek help from an expert. In this article i am also gonna tell some tips to improve your memory and memorise things easily.


Well for remembering everything it is necessary to have a healthy mind and healthy body i.e. a proper diet must be maintained rich in all nutrition's. And one of the best food to be involved in your daily routine is milk. Studies have proved that people who drink milk daily have a better memory than those who don't. Also a diet with greens can help. Another thing one can do is to say aloud words they want to remember and saying them many a times so that it fits in our brain. Thus escaping it from our thoughts would be having less probability.

Listen to music, in a recent survey it has been find out that listening music is a great therapy n both removing stress and memorising things. Music helps you relating things with the rhythm and thus when we relate our thoughts with music whenever we hear that same music we remember those thoughts also. A chewing gum can also help, while chewing our concentration becomes three times more powerful and we start getting things fit perfectly in our brains.

Since memory is related to brain, exercising your brain is a very best way to achieve a good memory. Exercising your brain involves solving puzzles, trying different memory related games. one can easily find such things online and why doing that also our daily newspaper also contains the best of such things i.e. Sudoku and crosswords. Not only brain exercise but also physical exercise is very necessary. A healthy mind and a healthy body both are necessary.

For making our memory work properly it is necessary to have a stress free life and for that it is necessary to have a happy mind. Thus have a laugh(P.S. not a fake one, a real one) and what can be the other best thing than friends and family. These people are are the best way to have a laugh with.  One feels free and happy with a nice company. Have regular health checkups, so that you can know any stress factors prevailing in your body.

Many practical ways are also there to support memory. Paying attention is the first one. When we pay attention to things we tend to remember them easily, quickly and for a longer time. Stop multitasking, as it is said do one work ata a time but do it perfectly. Doing things properly is must when we multitask our brain couldn't concentrate on a single thing properly thus relisting in memory loss.

Get a Good Night's Sleep. Sleep is very important for our body to work properly. A proper sleep is a must. Relate information to what you already know. Connect new data to information you already remember, whether it's new material that builds on previous knowledge, or something as simple as an address of someone who lives on a street where you already know someone. Also many memory enhancing techniques are there - Repeat, visualise, organise and group. These things can help in the best way in our day to day life.

These were some simple tips that can be used practically to improve your memory. Hope that these would help. As a healthy mind is a key to success. Everyone wants to reach on the top of the world. But due to lack of memory they fail to reach the set targets. As they forget to follow up for a particular thing and look for it at last moment. When they are left with no other option then either to quit that particular job or to pay extra for it.

The above stated tips are the best and the cheapest way to increase your memory. as it is the most important thing for a human being. It would not be write to say that a human being can't survive without memorising, but it is needed for a better and comfortable life style. 

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