Bill Gates-A greatest Leader sets example of successful Entrepreneur

Bill Gates - a greatest Leader sets example of successful Entrepreneur

One of the richest men of the world, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, can be termed not only as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world but should be considered as one of the most innovative geniuses who changed the face of the human society forever. He is a visionary whose perception and resolution brought radical changes in the way in which human beings used to interact and communicate with each other. Microsoft, the brainchild of Bill Gates, introduced human beings to a new wave of virtual reality and virtual communication and it is this virtual mode which is now engaging myriads of human beings across the globe and bettering their way of life day by day.

The primary characteristic for which Bill Gates is known worldwide is related to his leadership skills. He is one of the greatest leaders of world whose contributions to the development of the IT industry are undeniable. However, it should be mentioned that Bill Gates not only contributed to the development of the IT industry but his leadership style influenced and still influencing myriads of entrepreneurs across the globe to develop the business industry in which their companies are running successfully. It is from Bill Gates that one can learn how years and years of hard work precede success and how by being passionate in work can earn success for an individual ("Bill Gates Leadership Case Study", n.d.).

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But it should also be noted that apart from teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to be successful, Bill Gates has also taught individuals how to become socially responsible and how to give back to the communities which once helped specific individuals to accomplish success in life. He is an embodiment of philanthropy and it is his zeal for serving the human society and to better the lives of human beings across the world which earned him the "Order of the Aztec Eagle" ("Bill Gates Leadership Case Study", n.d.). And it is this humanitarian side of Bill Gates which distinguishes him from other successful but profit-oriented entrepreneurs of the world.

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