Is the presence of aliens feasible in this solar system

Is the presence of aliens feasible in this solar system?????

To begin with feasibility of Aliens in our Solar System, firstly we have to consider the actual meaning of Aliens that is a foreigner who is not a naturalized citizen of the place where he is living.
It is one of the controversial topics about their existence. Some consider them as hypothetical or fictional from another word. These types of views are generally spoken by them who have lack of scientific knowledge or in other words who don't know life beyond the Earth. Humans have always curious to know about the life beyond our solar systems. This curiosity does not arise from particular culture, or from any film and TV but even before then that is from beginning of civilization. So, people from past always wondered how Aliens look like. Various mediums such as stories, books, and paintings give us evidence of Aliens. Many Hollywood movies also reveals, there must be some life outside the Earth, which are also eager or we can say that curious like us, to know about the outside life.

As scientific views, I literally consider the presence of aliens. We all know life on the Earth is feasible due to its favourable environment conditions that are presence of water, presence of gases which make life possible such as nitrogen, oxygen, CO2 , etc, suitable temperature, suitable light and solar radiations and many more. But these conditions are favourable for the life on Earth. The person living on Earth needs all these favourable conditions for survival.

If the person from the Earth moves to another planet may can't be survive due to absence of these favourable factors, unless they are equipped with space suit etc.
That means for life, each planet have their own conditions for existence. Similarly, if we think for the same from the planets, the life which exist on that another planet can consider us aliens.

Each planet has their own environmental conditions for survival. As we are compelled to live with environmental conditions of Earth. Similarly, Aliens are compelled with environmental conditions of their own planet.

It is also clear that if the survival conditions are different for different for different planet than obvious features such as their height, colour, looks etc are all will vary as per the survival conditions. So that is why we can conclude that Aliens look different from us. Moreover, same applies to us. This might be the reason that why Aliens have not contacted us. We are different from the Aliens point of view.

There are several hypotheses which explain the reason why Aliens have not reached to people living on the Earth. One of the theory known as "zoo hypothesis" explains that Aliens are actually preventing us from contacting them, so that our natural environment should be safe. In other words, Earth may be zoo for Aliens.
Today there are millions of other planets; many of them can be similar conditions as our Earth has. Many scientists believe that we will definitely going to find the evidences in the universe.

To prove the feasibility of Aliens, researchers and scientist have done top researchers for the same. Ground breaking research led by experts to believe that environment on other planets has sustaining life and the views of some great scientist are as follows

1. The star which was around 390 million miles from the Earth is one of the few planets which led the attention of scientist that supports life.

2. Dr. Kevind Hand, who was astrobiologist and planetary scientist at JPL that is America's Jet propulsion laboratory, answer us ‘Are we alone?' topic prevailing from last few decades.

3. The surface of Europa also revealed which indicates the presence of liquid water that can support life which runs 100 km deep from the base level.

4. Europa harbouring ocean is similar to Earth's ocean.

5. Frank drake, an astronomer, created an equation that would estimate the existence of Alien life by considering various factors such as average number of planets that supports life and that planet that support intelligent life. The result of such equation said that hundreds of thousands of planets that supports Alien life.

6. Matt Mountain, director and James Webb, telescope scientist said in the seminar held at space telescope space institute about "imagine the moment when the world wakes up and human realise that we are not lonelier in space and time and the wait is over".

There is also a theory which opposes that is the theory Fermi Paradox known as rare Earth hypothesis is against the existence of life outside the Earth. According to it, set of circumstances are very small that no other life on the universe is able to replace it.

Existence of solid water that is ice depends on the distance of sun in solar system from a particular planet. The planet which are farter, have water in the ice form and planets which are closer, have water in gaseous form.
There are many theories and points given by space scientist which confirms the existence of Aliens in Solar System. But still we are too sure about their existence, until we personally meet them or made any contact. This is not easy one. It might be dangerous as we don't know what type of mind, Aliens have.

So, our Solar System having 8 planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, meteors, asteroid belts and many more, is very huge that beyond our imagination. Moreover, reaching each and every planet or any part is not easy as seems as reading the books, novels or watching movie. To know about outside world is also tedious task, to search in whole Solar System. Not only this, other planets outside our Solar System is just seems impossible but hope still exist. May one day, we may get answers of our all questions.

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