Western involvement in the Middle East

Western involvement in the Middle East as a result of the decision by the Ottoman Empire to enter World War I as allies of Germany, this paper will explain what were the long-term consequences of this involvement

The Ottoman Empire of the Middle East was quite powerful and ruled for many centuries. During the World War I the country had collaborated with the Central Powers and formed the Tripe Alliance. This was done by signing a pact on August, 1914, known as Turco German Alliance. Later, on 28th October 1914 Turkey also entered into the war officially. This happened as soon as they bombed Russian Black Sea ports (Encyclopedia of the Middle East Ottoman Empire, n.d). This Triple Entente or the Allied Powers was later on called as Ottoman Empire. It was mainly known for its involvement with the Central Powers, where it applied pressure on German and also on Turkey for war. Germany had earlier recorded many victories, especially in the earlier wars and also Turkey's friction act with the Triple Entente. It was also meant to support and encourage the Romania and Bulgaria to join the Alliance.  In this process, the German military had set up a mission in the year 1913, where Turkey under the supervision of LIman von Sanders had organized the great Turkey army and also the navy to combine a group. Here the German leaders were also brought forth for the purpose. This was also called as the secret treaty, where selected people were aware of the same. One of them was Enver Pasha, who had signed the act on 2nd August 1914.

Also the Allies had a strategic interest in Turkish Straits earlier but had failed to defend Turkey from the German attacks. The Turkey was also a part of the Turco-German alliance, but experienced weak leadership. This was mainly due to fear of disintegration from the Ottoman Empire, which was at that time divided on different course of actions. It was noted that the Germans didn't consider Turkey, or for that matter of fact any country to be strong and didn't have any respect for them. Thus, Enver Pasha had to take steps for winning the war against this country. He chooses to support the allies of Turkey and joining hands with the Central Powers, so that the Germans can be defeated. This was also done to stop the disintegration of the great Ottoman Empire, and this was possible by joining hands with the winning team. In the course of time, the Russians had threatened to occupy the Ottoman territory, and had asked to remove the German military which was under the leadership of Liman Von Sanders. As a result, such collaboration proved to be quite beneficial for the leaders and they could save the Ottoman territory for a long time. 

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