Is Modern Education a Compromised Learning?

Is Modern Education a "Compromised Learning?"

"What is meaning of education? It simply means knowledge of letters. It is merely an instrument, and an instrument may be well used or abused. The same instrument that may be used to cure a patient may be used to take his life, and so may a knowledge of letters"                                      

Mahatma Gandhi

Everybody is cognizant of the fact that honesty is the best policy. One shouldn't think that well educated people working as professionals in a multinational firm are more ethical or honest than people living in villages working as farmers. It is not fair to take any side and answers can lie in any direction. Students read about honesty in school and in their  modern educational system, but are they really learning it is a burning question. In a matter of fact on one hand, if they  learn about honesty and on the other hand they see in movies, newspaper, articles, social media etc that mostly world praise about celebrity or successful personality who had a grey background.

Honesty, integrity and discipline are traits one must have to live a successful life. Also in ancient Aryans educational system the first step in education was character building and everything else was further build on this strong moral foundation.  Education should prepare man and women for their independence, justice, honesty, moral values, ethical system, passion, goals and ultimately a better society. But these days, people because of their un-quenching thirst of comforts are just doing the things to meet the ends even following the bad (in their terms easy) route. Modern education merely means getting bachelor's and master's degree and that is the way society looks at any person as his dignity.

Learning is just not about getting good grades; it is more about learning good value system in reference of real world where one needs to compete in order to be successful. First step in western education consider character building and everything else build on this strong moral foundation. Pedagogy of primary teaching must teach basic personality concepts as: "If wealth is lost, nothing lost. If health is lost something lost and if character is lost everything lost."

It can also be elaborated that education should be such where learning should be modified the way world is getting modified, means inclusion of external world and current scenarios in learning with the classical value system should be the new model of western education. Education should prepare man and women for their independence, justice, honesty, moral values, ethical system, passion, goals and ultimately a better society.

Currently modern education has one way, one method and one process to make everyone educated and that starts from childhood to his early 20's. If a person has a vision that he/she wanted to become doctor and he/she is passionate about biology as a subject, but his/her whole inclination till he/she do masters is full of maths, physics or plethora of other subjects which are actually not related to his/her interest,  personality or  passion at all.

Passion oriented education after 5th standard of general knowledge of everything should be taken into consideration. It is believed that every person has some quality and one can use his quality for criticism or to make wonders out of him. For example: Legendry football player Michael Oher for whom even a movie came with title "The Blind Side". In that cinema people appreciated that how this man worked hard to improve his grades to get scholarship for further education and football training and how his mother used his shortcomings to make his strong points as a football player.

In real world one can learn from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and how they have left education for their passion, but again in real world not everyone has that much courage to challenge structural education for their passion and thus new age education can be referred as "Compromised learning". So rhetorical question arises here as if Western education is producing androids, machines or humans with great moral values with intelligence?

A new age educational system which is centralised and focussed on passion and achievements must be taken into account. Primary education should be customize to find out right track for individual as per his behaviour and personality and as soon a student is sure about passion and skills, one's further education should be as per desires.

It is more challenging and may be more time consuming. But need here is to make any person a better individual who has high moral behaviour with sound intellect and can serve nation in better way. Problem here arises that if one makes someone realize his/her dreams he/she is more vulnerable to negativity also. It means a person will do anything to achieve his dreams even though it attracts negative elements. It is better to nip this evil in the bus before it shows its dangerous consequences. New proposed education system should work to dissolve his/her negativity into positivity and may be then it may become able to produce a better individual and a better world in total. Government should take action and implement policies in order to make western model of education so that all round development of individual takes place in required manner.

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