Discuss the chemical changes in human bodies in the process of aging

Discuss the chemical changes in human bodies in the process of aging

Aging is a continuous process in human's life, while increasing life there is so many chemical changes will occur sometime that chemical changes help tohuman body or sometime that chemical changes will be harmful.Aging is a natural process that through maturity to old age and to death. Mostly people age is characterized by graying, thinning hair, loss of height, wrinkling skin, and low muscular strength. Still, active lifestyle, exercise, sounds nutrition. whoever parents or grandparents live for long age seem to have a better chance of living long lives.As we becoming aged our cell shows less efficiency and our become weak and not able to carry normal function.chemical changes analyzed by brain through neurotransmitter humans per brain age and humans body age its start to make less transmitter that will affect how body and brain will function. While aging brain stars to loos blood vessels which provides bloods to brain and when blood is shortened to brain it affects how person will work, think, how brain will work. Memory loss is one of the bigger change in human body while aging, because of supply of neuron, once neuron supply will decrease memory loss will start. gerontology which deals with study of aging with regards to its economical and physical, psychological aspects.

           While aging human body takes less amount of calcium which gives bones with strength. Because of while aging bone becomes weaker and weaker and there are more chances to bone breakage easily so aged person will have weaker bone than they would have when they were younger.

          Skin, pigment cell, called as a melanocyte while aging start to shorten the supply of melanocytes, because of deficiency of this call affect the body because if sunlight and because of deficiency of this pigments show the hair turn white or gray. While aging skin will produce less collagens and elastin. Because of collagens skin become tough and because of elastin skin become elastic, because of deficiency of this two pigments skin will become thinner and dry, skin will show wrinkle so human body will look more aged.

           While aging in our mouth saliva production also will decrease because of that mouth become dry, and that affects the tests of various food and a drinks and less production of saliva in mouth allows to enter bacteria in to the and it may cause disease.

           While aging Decreasing pupils size cases vision problem so many people become worse. Because of getting affected of retina cells will affects how person see colors. Because of aging and because of chemical changes in body every part of the body will get affected and start to work less efficiently

           As decreasing age nose wont able to get different types of smell and not able tell the difference between smells, in nose will start grow hairs. For aging scientist says that our body have already programed to age, out all genetic information carried by genes, one more reason to human aging is radical that cause damage to the body, and body start to aging.

Some of the main chemical Organic molecules will start to become less efficient and it results an aging human body

  • DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acids): an organic compound having sugar, bases and phosphate, this located in ribosome of cell. This may affect the aging of human body, because DNA is storage of hereditary information.
  • Gene: Gene is a part of DNA molecule that having instruction for the formation and function, transmission, gene carries genetic material from one generation to next generation. This also one of the affective organic compound for human body aging.
  • Hormones: while aging hormone secretion also will decrease and that affects the blood circulation to every part of the human body.
  • Menopause: Menstruation stops and childbearing is no more possible , and that occurs between the age 45-50 that may also one of the result to get human body aging.
  • Protein: A large molecule that is so important to structure and functioning of living cells but while aging a less protein intake may affect the structure and functioning of cell and human body may start look like aged.
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