The Impact of Abortion on the Future Generations

The Impact of Abortion on the Future Generations

Today, we are living in 21st century!! Where each day is based on science, technology, materialism and computerized. People don't have time for their personal life. Indeed, they want to have a high life style but don't want to take any responsibility on their shoulder. Approximately 1.56 billion abortions are occurring each year in America, India, China, Africa and other world most populated countries. Do we ever think what does it impact on our coming generation's?

Future of any country depends on what seeds we are planting today!!

Though those mothers ever think that the child they are carrying can change not only their personal world but also a big change in world also. Hundreds, thousands of life are lost every day through abortion before coming to this planet. These life are the future of our next generation's does we really think about it ?Before going ahead for this abashment work. Several societies of world today promulgating abortion were enhancing them but they either ignoring or fail to see what damage they generating for future development of nation and economy.
Dietrich Bonhoefferstated in his study ,"The test of the morality of a society iswhat it does for its children."

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Generally, unmarried young girls probably at the age 16-20 experienced unplanned pregnancy,less educated abort their child in fear of society, who will put question on their destiny. Maximum abortion occurs in women's during the age of 20-29 as unintended pregnancyoccurred ininconvenient time.Basically these women'sare not prepared mentally to conceive a baby. In India and China, maximum abortion take place due gender related case which was creating threatening situation of GENDER - GAP in country. On 100 boys, there are 87 girls which in turning as bachelors not able to find their mates. In China, on aborting a female child in turn removing one mother of future generation. Recently societies of British and US government influencing on creating "Disease free child" by the process called three - parent IVF is effectuating through taking defective powerhouse of cell mitochondria from mother egg and replace it with healthy mitochondria of another woman. Futher , fertilizing it with healthy father sperm in laboratory, the fertilized egg will be implanted in the mother womb and pregnancy can progress normally.

An Abortions are generally defined as unwanted pregnancy or unintended pregnancy that the woman never wanted to happen, whereas a mistimed pregnancy that came earlier than the woman desired or in short duration of time. Abortion is unplanned pregnancy born out of wedlock either mistimed or altogether unintended.
Some times, societies plant ridiculous ideas in the terms of pregnancy of women that deliberate them to rethink for their values and big question on their pregnancies. Now days, these seed would bestow turmoil not only on future development, invention and also on the economy of world.

Todays, rampant abortion rate has created wreak havoc on world economy due to which the future of human being is in complete devastation.

By creating gender -gap and genetically engineered child for future generations, they are also leaving economicruinand generating wreaks havoc towards humanity.

To make abortions easily maximum women's of world today using birth control pills such as contraceptive pills which create unwanted side effects on their fertility factor and body also.Unfortunately, many couples claim that they do not want to have a child but they regularly use birth control consistently or correctly. There are many reasons for this - misinformation and myths about contraception and its side effects, the cost of effective contraceptive methods, and human error when faced with a non-user-friendly contraceptive method. Those women's undergoes continues abortions in their life span were not only losing one life but also reducing the chances of fertility in themselves.

Women with a history of facing more than one abortion are having 2.3 times higher risk of having cervical cancer as compared to women having abortion in their life time. Maximum cases of ovarian and liver cancer have been studied in single and multiple abortions. Studies have come through maximum cancer rates has been increased in post-aborted women due to the unnatural disruption of the hormonal changes which accompany their pregnancy. The untreated cervical damage and increased stress rate in body and develop negative impact of stress on the immune system. At the time of abortion the major complications occurred in women's body are - infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, and perforation of the uterus, anesthesia complications, convulsions, hemorrhage, cervical injury, ripping, convulsions and endotoxic shock. The minor complications are: infection, bleeding, fever, second degree burns, chronic abdominal pain, vomiting, gastro-intestinal disturbances, and Rh sensitization. These complications can remain for longer time if mother body is not enough healthy.

Damage of abortion and genetic engineering is occurring at immense level in every country of world but their results are tremendous. People have to notice of their negative repercussions for future pregnancy. Many clinics and private organizations struggle to protect the infant by encouraging women's to see their babies and listen their heartbeat unfortunately promotes abortion as a result to an inconvenience. Abortion is not the solution of unwanted or unintended pregnancy in case it is unfair with one life and more danger to a mother also. By aborting an unborn child we are not respecting to one's life in sake disrespect towards humanity.
Todays, we are living in the world of science, fashion, materialism and technology. Do we think off these aborted lives might be the next generation's inventors, scientists, or leaders. If we still encourage people for abortion, defiantly time will come when we lose our true potential. In case world will never able to discover its boundless potential. Our generations are lamenting over devastations such as holocaust, racism and 9/11 so the future generation will weep over gender genocide, genetic embryo development and millions of lives will lose through abortion.

"This is cry of every unborn child, it is call for world peace"
Stop Abortion to save our generations


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