Improve your quality of writing in a significant manner

The process of learning methods of writing including academic writing has been fulfilling with providing useful insights about the writing process and the usage of rhetorical knowledge as well as genre knowledge. Insights into each of these helps ensure that they are used in the writing in order to make it effective and this helps improve the quality of writing. Learning more about discourse community helps write dialogues and conversations in an effective manner. In this way the paper will help you improve my quality of writing in a significant manner.


1. Subject Matter knowledge: Subject matter knowledge is important in order to be able to display better opinions and information. It helps explore several view points or perspectives and evaluate them as well. For example, in the discussion on the global financial crisis, "The subprime crisis was a result of faulty lending and credit evaluation processes adopted by the banks in America". This statement shows insights into the causes of the subprime crisis and also helps conclude as to what caused the subprime crisis. Lack of subject matter knowledge leads to inappropriate conclusions and options as well as information being presented in writing.

2. Writing process knowledge:  The writing process includes planning and revising a piece of writing. It helps ensure that the writing is proofread and that the writing is free from errors. It also helps ensure effective delivery of the ideas and opinions as well as facts that are to be communicated in a logical manner. The revision of the statement, "There is no need for the American government to take economic measures to restore the American economy" to "There is a need for the American government to take economic measures to restore the American economy" helped save a blunder through knowledge about the writing process and its implementation.

3. Rhetorical knowledge: Rhetorical knowledge has helped me use idioms and irony in an effective manner. Rhetorical knowledge has helped me deliver better and interesting piece of writing. The statement, "boys in the backroom" and "call on the captain of the industry to speak" have helped me make better dialogues and better discourse communication.

4. Genre knowledge: Genre knowledge or knowledge of categories has helped me use grammar correctly. It has also helped me use the right words that help bring out the technical aspects involved in a subject or domain. For instance, "Equity broking involves terms and conditions that regulate its operations" is a statement that requires genre knowledge.

5. Discourse community knowledge : Discourse community knowledge has helped me be able to write dialogues and research papers that involve discourse community in an effective manner. It has helped me understand the intricacies involved in a one on one communication process and also has helped me create effective pieces of communication. The dialogue, "Computer games have helped children achieve better concentration levels and I have observed this personally in several instances" has brought out a thought, an opinion and a personal experience in an effective manner. It has helped me communicate better.

6. Meta cognition: Meta cognition refers to critical self assessment as well as evaluation where in evidence and examples are crucial. It has helped me write and communicate with evidence as well as logical establishment of convincing arguments and statements. A statement made using knowledge of meta cognition is, "As the data collected by the statistics bureau shows an increase of 40% in global unemployment, it is an issue of great concern". In this case the source as well as the percentage provides meta cognition and a strong basis for an argument. 

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