White House to spend millions to curb undocumented children crossing border

White House to spend millions to curb undocumented children crossing border

The Obama administration has revealed a plan to spend millions of dollars to stem the tide of undocumented children stream across the U.S. They also were announcing a coordinated government broad response to the situation Friday that is related with the talks of Vice President Joe Biden and Central American leaders. Central American leaders are a part of the White House strategy.


The Obama administration plan includes almost $100 million in help to the Central American governments of Guatemala to help undocumented children. According to a White House statement, Honduras and El Salvador also help to integrate the unlawful refugees whom the United States will send back and to assist stay them in their domestic countries.

 On the other hand, The Obama administration also declared it will set to one side $161.5 million this year for the Central American Regional Security Initiative programs. It is because; this program was very dangerous to facilitating Central American countries to take action to the region's mainly imperative protection and governance challenges. But, The Obama administration has blamed syndicates in Latin America of salaries an on purpose operation of propaganda that has caused human in poor Mexico and Central American countries to risk their lifes to head for the United States.

Along with this, White House Press Secretary of Josh Earnest said that the Obama administration is addressing the difficulty in different way such as an information operation and countering this deliberate misinformation campaign that is being broadcasted by criminal syndicates.

They provide different solutions that can help show up on the border with their children. And provide some suggestions to undocumented children quickly returned to their home country. In the same manner, Josh Earnest said that running through a host of the host governments or the governments and USAID programs in these countries to attempt to convene a number of the citizens' safety requirements that are so sensitive in these countries correct now.

Then after, Biden meets with Central American leaders. After that, the Obama administration has now coordinated a government wide response to the crisis. They also declared new plan within includes a large invasion of expenditure to the USAID program, $25 million to El Salvador to assist with a ferocity and offense prevention program and at-risk childhood, together with $40 million dollars to Guatemala to develop protection, and $18.5 million to Honduras's Central American Regional Security Initiative for gang and crime prevention efforts.


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