Primary factors thought to be involved in the observed changes in atmospheric CO2

At least two of the primary factors thought to be involved in the observed changes in atmospheric CO2 levels since the Industrial Revolution.

Answer:  The rapid development of human necessities has led to urbanization and setting up of many industries. This has resulted in the havoc of nature. There are several reasons behind the destruction of nature due to various human activities. The nature acts as a sink to the toxic pollutants released by human activities like burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial pollutants, etc. Hence, this leads to imbalance of nature which causes natural disasters.

There are various gases existing in the nature, but when the levels of gases increase, they cause adverse effect on nature as turn out to be pollutants. The gases are mostly available in nature which increases when the industries release toxic pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrates, fluorocarbons, methane, carbon dioxides etc.

There are cyclic events that take place between nature and living forms on the earth. Every form of energy is utilized by the living on earth. There are natural sources from which the energy evolves like the sun, water, wind, fossil fuels. These sources of energy are utilized by living for producing the products. Natural sources of energy available are non renewable, hence one should make a wise use of these sources.

The vast development of the industries has led to pollution of air,soil,water and destruction of natural sources.The major industries involved in the destruction are the textile industries,power plants,fertilizer industries,paint industries,hardware industries,pharma industries,etc.These  industries release toxic compounds into nature as pollutans ,which are not only harmful to nature, but also to living creatures.Ozone,carbon monoxide,nitrogen dioxide,particulate matter , sulfur dioxide,lead,etc.The major concern at present to the nature is the greenhouse gases,which are causing the depletion of the ozone layer.


Ozone is a form of gas which can be observed at two different layers in the atmosphere zones, at the lower troposphere {major part is smog}, and the stratosphere {upper layer} which protects the earth from harmful UV radiations.

Formation of this Ozone layer:

This takes place when nitrogen oxides are released and mix with various volatile organic compounds and the sunlight. These results in the formation of the lower ozone layer (troposphere).These volatile compounds are released by the industries and various human activities.

Effects of Ozone:

This affects the plants, crops and humans adversely. Causes asthma, cold, coughs, various pulmonary diseases, and also premature death of humans.


One of the major components for the cyclic processes taking place on the earth. The   exchange of these gases takes place between the atmosphere, plants and animals. Plants utilize the   CO2   for the photosynthesis and release O2 which in turn is used by the living beings. This is the basic carbon cycle taking place.CO2 is also released on burning of fossil fuels, which get saturated into the oceans or sea and the excess is released into the atmosphere. This is acts one of the greenhouse gas causing global warming.

Since the industrial revolution has begun around 1720 to 1840, the release of carbon dioxide has evolved. According   the studies, the carbon dioxide levels have increased from 283ppm during 1750 to 393ppm in 2012. This showed the drastic change in the increase of carbon dioxide pollutant. The sinks play a major role in reduction of the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Source: Buzzle  site

There are various factors contributing to the carbon dioxide emissions like, the  burning of coal, industrial pollutions, volcanic eruptions, fossil fuel combustion, usage of lands, and also animal and plants respiration.

The major primary factors responsible for increase in CO2 are the combustion of the fossil fuels and industrial pollution. The major effects of the greenhouse effect are the global warming, and due to global warming the following impacts occur:

  • The rise in sea level at 1/10 inch every year. As water expands on heating the rise of water takes place. The rise in temperature of earth surface leads to melting of the ice glaciers and cause flooding and increase in sea level.
  • Spreading of infectious diseases like dengue, malaria and yellow fever, etc due to increase in temperature.
  • Disappearing of the glaciers and ice packs, which will be a huge loss to the flora and fauna living.
  • One of the major reason will be the depletion of the protective ozone layer(depletion of ozone layer).This will cause the temperature rise and also the exposure to the harmful UV radiation.
  • Acid rains take place due to the reactions between the chemicals and the water present which turns the water acidic in nature.


  • The minimization of the usage of fossil fuels and using of alternative fuels.
  • By maximizing the growth of plantations will lead to healthy carbon cycles.
  • Reduction of the use of land for the construction.
  • Using of eco friendly combustion techniques (incineration).
  • Improve natural vegetation quality by using natural pesticides and insecticides.
  • Strict check and control of the air quality into the atmosphere from the industries should be observed.


The release of carbon dioxide as pollutant in increased levels into the nature is a major concern for global warming. It leads to a great harm to the living and non living forms on the earth. The major reason behind the increase in the levels of carbon dioxide is the industrial and automobiles. The burning of fossil fuels and also the reduction of plantations is vital concern for increase in CO2 level. Hence, these are the effects and concerns with the carbon dioxide.

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