Why Together is Better 5 Reasons Why Study Groups Are Essential

Why Together is Better 5 Reasons Why Study Groups Are Essential

Group study is the best way to achieve maximum potential within everybody involved. It combines the knowledge of all the students into one strong knowledge bank. The power of a group of persons should not be underestimated. They can put forward their best qualities and combine all their strengths to make a winning combination. It is always nice to sit quietly and focus on the task at hand. But actively discussing the material at hand and looking at things in different perspectives is a much better way to study.

Here are five reasons why group study is essential.

 Inspiration and Motivation

 When a person sits alone and studies by himself, he can get bored easily. There will not be a drive to prove oneself unless there is an onlooker. In a group study though each and everyone can be an inspiration. One person might understand the concept fast while another might be good in organizing flash cards for everyone to study. It might inspire and motivate each other to bring more to the table. One might even feel obligated to do better in the next group study session. A healthy competition might develop which can lead to better grades to all of them involved in the group study. 

Overcome procrastination

Postponing any work or study related activity is the number one problem faced by students today. Group study can easily overcome this. In a group study, you have to plan ahead of time what will be the topic of discussion. Then you will need to prepare yourselves ahead of time for that particular topic to discuss. You will need to be present ready at the date and time planned earlier by the group. There is no way of escaping the preparation part since you will feel embarrassed to go unprepared to a group study. In fact, you might be highly motivated to prove your strengths in your group. You will feel proud when everyone appreciates your efforts to help everybody. In the case for some reason, you are not ready for the group study your friends can easily help you catch up and get you on track of studying.

Get multiple perspectives

When you study alone, you will think only one aspect of the problem. You will have only your set of views and understanding of the subject. This will narrow your mindset. Sometimes you might not understand the subject the right way. For any idea, there are many ways and angles to look at it. In a group setting, you will have analytical, critical, creative thinkers and dreamers. Each and everyone will have their way of handling the subject at hand. One might understand the theory part of the subject. Another person might be good with the calculations and math aspect of the subject. All of their skill set combines to give a new approach to the problem at hand. 

Better Grades

Many students put off studying, doing projects and homework papers. A study group can give the needed focus and planning to finish all the work on time. Group study will help you clarify doubts in your study material and provide a solid classroom-like atmosphere outside. This will all lead to better grades and higher GPA's. In a group, you feel inspired to bring most to the table. For that, you need to shine with high grades to gain the respect of your peer group. All this can only lead to scoring higher marks.

Responsibility and Teamwork

In a group study, you can divide and conquer the problem at hand. Each one of the group members will be responsible for preparing flash cards or other forms of study materials. Nobody wants to let down his or her peers nor do they want to be embarrassed by coming unprepared. It Cultivates a sense of responsibility and helps you get into the habit of studying promptly. In today's job market teamwork, the experience is the most important skill. If you have had teamwork experience from group study, you can add that to your resume. Teamwork will help you learn to respect others point of view. Getting along with others in a group promotes teamwork.

Group study can be an effective tool for a group of 3-5 members. It helps you to score better grades, keeps you inspired and motivated, cultivates a sense of responsibility and teamwork and also prevents you from procrastinating your work. You can combine all of the group members' strength and achieve all of your goals. Even if you have group study session, you will still need to prepare alone by yourself for the group study later. This way you become very thorough with the material at hand with all the multiple repetitions. In conclusion, a group study is an essential tool.

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