Create a Discussion Group That Will Actually Help You Learn

Create a Discussion Group That Will Actually Help You Learn

It is a very old saying that the bundle of sticks is not fragile in comparison with the single stick, with the obvious reason that the more number of sticks are strong as compared to a single stick. The same concept is often applied by the students or teachers and the discussion groups are created so as to give the students the edge in learning. When the number of students will discuss to learn, then concept will be clearer as compared to, when learned alone. The motive of creating a discussion group is simple, it is to bring the students with the common interest together so that they discuss and gain from each other.,

There are various ways in which the discussion group can be formed:

Ø  The teachers or the students can form the discussion group in class itself where the students will be given the platform for discussion.

Ø  Another option is to create the online discussion group through internet where the students from different places can join and have joint discussion.

Ø  There are tools available with schools where the students can be given access to boards for the discussion.

Whatever is the method chosen for the group discussion, the point is that the group discussion has proved to be a very effective method of learning owing to the numerous advantages.

Advantages of discussion group:

Ø  Learning in a group means more students; it will help in enhancing the learning of the student.

Ø  Discussion among the students generates the questions which otherwise the student when studying individually may have never thought of.

Ø  Group discussion helps the student in realizing his weak areas so that he or she can work on it.

Ø  Studying in groups helps students to take inspiration from other students.

Ø  There are numerous ways in which a topic can make interesting so that all the students gain interest in learning.

Ø  A topic when discussed in group will be always clearer as compared to when studied alone.

Ø  When a topic is discussed and the cross questioning id done by the members it gives the students the confidence, the practice to face the questions which help him or her in attending debates.

The discussion groups have many advantages, thus when the students are given the opportunity to form a discussion group then they must utilize the opportunity to the maximum and form a discussion group which enhances their knowledge.

Creating a discussion group:

The students must keep in mind the following points before forming the discussion group: 

Ø  The group discussion helps in clearing the concepts. There may be a topic which you think you had full knowledge, but when one of the members puts up a question to you about the topic, you will able to judge your knowledge. In another situation there may be a topic which you are not clear about so it will be easy for you to ask questions among the group. Therefore the main idea in choosing the group is to select the group in which you are comfortable in giving reply and asking queries.

Ø  You must create a group in which you can take inspiration from other students on studying. The students who have the unique style of grasping the topics can guide you about the same.

Ø  Have the students in the group who are always open for the discussion so that you can get the confidence and knowledge for oral examinations.

Ø  You must choose the students who have strong communication skills so as they are able to explain and take part and make the discussion interesting.

Ø  Your group should have both friends as well your competitors, the friends will of course give you confidence in learning but the competitors will add the fuel which will accelerate the speed of your learning.

Ø  The group must set the basic guidelines so that the members can have healthy discussion and the discussion ultimately does not always end in an argument.

Ø  Your group must have a member who is given a responsibility of administration so that the rules are followed.

Ø  The students in your group must be given time to prepare for the topic of discussion so everybody is ready to answer and as well as question.

Ø  You must have large number of students so as to make discussion more effective but they must all have the willingness to learn in a group.


Studying in group is very advantageous but selection of a perfect discussion group is equally important. The members in your group will be like your virtual teachers whose learning and knowledge will guide you a lot.

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