Ways to Position Yourself for Finals Success in Courses

Ways to Position Yourself for Finals Success in Courses

When you begin the new term you dare to engage in some extracurricular activities, take afternoon naps without feeling guilty or indulge in friends and parties with a comfortable feeling that the final exams are far off. But we all know how time flies once we start counting days and before you realize it, you are just weeks away from the finals. You want to make the best of the time; you feel that those few weeks are still there, so you delve into studies, stop wasting time, turn nights into days, strain your mind and body, stop eating well and may end up falling ill at the most crucial time. All this happens because students have a tendency to panic when the finals approach. As long as careers are going to be decided solely by marks obtained in finals, this will continue to happen. But if you position yourself in the right way before the finals you can get assured success no matter what course you pursue and what level of education.

Some tips that will help you to position yourself for the Finals success:

  • Remain cool. Do not panic. Do not fret and fume or regret the days lost. This kind of behavior is not going to stretch time; it will only affect your physical and mental state negatively and make you unfit to study with complete concentration.
  • Planning is essential at the last stage. Count the number of days available for revision. Keep a couple of days just before the exams out of the plan. Divide the syllabus into the number of days available, considering the difficulty level of each unit. Reserve more time for difficult topics.
  • Make a detailed timetable. Chalk out what and how much you MUST complete on a particular day. Even if you decide to complete one subject before you take up the next one, see that you change the topics. Harping on the same topic or subject for several days may be boring. Introduce change and variety within the syllabus to retain your interest. Follow the timetable STRICTLY.
  • Wake up early in the morning and study for a couple of hours. Take a breakfast break, and then continue. You can take as many tea/coffee breaks as you like during the day. Instead of sleeping for long hours, take short power naps at intervals.
  • Watch TV for a while or take a walk in the evening. When you start doing it, you will realize that you can accommodate everything in 24 hours. Final exams do not imply continuous study all the time. After all, we are human beings first.
  • Remaining cool and excellent planning lead to sure success. Losing control over oneself leads to stress which becomes difficult to manage when exams are around the corner.
  • Keep in touch with classmates, especially those who are studious and sincere. Spend some time in their company and discuss the subjects. You may need the help of some friends for an explanation of some topics. See that you do not disturb their schedule; contact them and take an appointment when they are free.

Most students still fear final exams. The extent of fear varies according to temperaments. Even students who study regularly from the very first day have a degree of fear in their minds regarding final examinations. This fear is a purely psychological factor associated with final exams. One must train oneself to take course exams as part of life, a phase that one has to go through like hundreds of other challenges in life. Fear builds tension and gives rise to stress. Some of those who cannot cope with final exam stress may deteriorate in health. We hear of students committing suicide or showing escapist tendencies before final examinations.

Ramesh was so scared of appearing for the board exams that he kept his fingers crossed for almost a month, wishing that something would happen. His wishful thinking continued until the day of the exam. Finally, he left the house and was climbing down the staircase when he slipped and fell, injured his right hand severely, was taken to the hospital instead of to the exam hall and he missed the exams and the year. Of course, he did not do it deliberately, but the fear and anxiety about the finals almost made his wish come true. He realized too late that he was the loser.

I can happen to anyone. So remember, be calm and relaxed. Take finals exams seriously but approach them courageously. Final exams are easier if you think of them as exit polls. Shed off the fear, plan well and there you are, just positioned beautifully for tackling the finals!!!

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