Few Tips For Writing Your PhD Thesis

Few Tips For Writing Your PhD Thesis

The thesis is a document, a long piece of writing submitted for higher college or a professional degree. The students who pursue Ph.D. have to write a thesis on the particular subject compulsorily. The thesis writing plays a very pivotal role in Ph.D. Therefore it is expected that the students write a thesis which impresses everyone and has a lasting impression. The thesis writing is considered to be a very tough by the students. It involves a lot of research work along with the appropriate presentation. Thesis writing can be made easy if the students follow some basic tips.

Tips for Writing Ph.D. Thesis:

The foremost important for writing a thesis is that the students should not consider it as a scary writing task, rather they should keep themselves prepare for it. The students should read the topic of the thesis as well as the instructions or advice about writing the thesis in advance.

It happens that there is a lot of rewriting required in the thesis. The work once written has to be rewritten for some or other reason. Therefore the students should prepare themselves for rewriting and never get demoralized. To lessen the work of re-writing the students can along with their supervisor develop a rough composition and can work on it. But then also there are many possibilities that the writing needs to be edited or changed for some reason or another. So the student should be ready for it.

The student should gain the necessary knowledge about the format, length and other criteria which are required for the thesis writing as per his university or college. The format or desired length may vary according to the topic, subject, college or university. The first-hand information should be taken before proceeding.

The student should write in the order which suits him. If he has read about some part and it is fresh in his mind, then he can write about it first. Later on, he can work on the sequence and can arrange accordingly.

The student should remember that this is his thesis so he should be able to justify or can answer to whatever he has written. The student should be prepared for any question based on thesis, so it is important that he leaves no unaddressed questions.

It happens that while focusing on the concepts the text takes a back seat in writing. Therefore the student must always check his writing from time to time so that along with the content his text also remains perfect.

The student should have a clear picture in his mind about the ending of the thesis. The thesis should not in any case end abruptly also he should be clear in his mind where to end the thesis.

The student should strive to make his thesis impressive, but within his capability, that means the student should not over exaggerate his writing. He can quote the authors or writers but that should be properly mentioned and should be differentiated either by using italic format or any other way. The thesis writing at any cost should be plagiarized.

The student after completing the thesis should check and even recheck it so as to find any errors.

The student should also take feedback from others before the final submission.It will help him to know whether he is clear about his ideas which he wanted to portray through his thesis.

The student should aim for writing as per his style without getting effected from the other students. He should know what is best for him; merely increasing the page or word count or including unnecessary references should be avoided. The student should remember that at the end he is solely answerable about the contents of thesis so the focus should be on the quality of work.

The students should not aim to write the best thesis. Instead, they should keep in their mind that their thesis gives full justice to the topic. A reader after reading it should feel that the concept or the topic is given full justification and it could not have been written better.


When an individual looks at a painting, it seems to him that the artist has done a great job, whereas for the artist he has done his usual job, but his efforts were started with a perspective that how he wants his final painting to be. Similarly, the student should have the clear vision that how he wants his thesis to be so that it becomes easy for him to write but the reader or examiner feels that the students have done exemplary work.

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