The Most Important Key to Improving Your Grades

The Most Important Key to Improving Your Grades

Getting good grades is the number one goal for all students. But it seems easier said than done. It can be easily done if you follow a few right techniques preparing for your exams. Memorizing the material at hand the day before the exam is not possible anymore. Application based questions and testing have become common practice today. So if you are under a lot of pressure to improve your grades, you will need to follow a few simple steps. It will help you improve your grade point average.

Planning ahead:

Planning any activity ahead of time will always help. It is very true for improving your grades as well. Once your academic year starts, you need to keep track of the exam schedules. Once you know them, you can plan and set aside time for each subject. Allow more time for your weak subjects. You can create a study timetable and finish portions as and when they are taught in class. There are online organizing tools and calendars to keep track of your progress. All these will help you improve your grades.

Pick your learning style

Everybody has a different way of studying and understanding subjects. You need to know what style best works for you and stick with it.

Here are few different learning styles:

Audio books: If you do better by listening to the material repeatedly you could check out the library for recordings on the subject. You can also read to yourself and record it. Then later, you can use it to prepare for the exam.

Flashcards: Writing clues and important points in Flash cards also come in handy while preparing for exams.

Writing: Some students do well by writing down the material repeatedly.

So find out what works best for you and stick to that learning style.

Positive Motivation:

Motivation is a powerful tool. List all the things that motivate you the most to perform well in the exams. The pride you get when you score well, the happiness you bring to your parents by getting good grades, the appreciation you get from friends and family. All these can help you get good grades. Rewards can also be a great motivation. You can get rewards from your parents for good grades too. You can reward yourselves with a special gift, dinner with friends, or new gadget you always loved.

Pick a time: Allotting the time to study plays a vital role in your success. Some study well during the early morning hours. Some do late night studying very well. You need to figure out your schedules and try different time slots each week. Then you can find out what works best for yourself.

Pick excellent study habits

Developing good study habits is the key to success in exams. Some of these include

  • Attend all classes regularly by being punctual
  • Do not skip or bunk classes
  • Don't procrastinate assignments work
  • Try to do extra credit assignments
  • Study ahead of time instead of just the day before the exam.

Educators Style

Each and every teacher has his or her style when it comes to teaching and exam questions. As soon as the academic year starts to try to understand the style of each of your teachers. You can find out fro your seniors the inside scoop of each subject teacher. It will help you prepare accordingly for the exams in the future.

 Perform well in tests and quizzes

 Right for the beginning of the year prepare well for even small class tests and exams. These marks all might towards the end of the year grade point average. Each subject will have a different pattern of questions. So find out before hand what type of question paper to expect. It will keep you from being under prepared for the exam.

Double check

During the exam read the questions and carefully before answering them. Allow time to read question paper first, then plan, which part you, will attend first. Plan a strategy to do well in your exam. Double check all your answers and make sure you have attended all the questions. You do not want to miss a question or two carelessly.

In conclusion improving your grades can easily do if you know a few techniques. Plan ahead and pick out the style pf learning that works well for you. Keep yourself motivated with rewards and small gifts. Allot a schedule for studying on a daily basis so that you don't have to cram all the studying the day before the exam. Find out from seniors about each subject teachers and prepare accordingly for that subject. Do well in all the tests and quizzes and have good study habits. During the actual exam double check your answer sheet correctly and make sure you have not made any silly mistakes.

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