Best Practices to Improve Internal Communications

Best Practices to Improve Internal Communications

The more effective your internal communications are, the more efficient and profitable your business will be. Here are 14 practices to help you improve employee communications within your company.

1. Develop clear goals.

Before you can begin improving internal communications, you must first develop clear goals, as well as a timeline you would like to follow as you pursue these goals. Be sure to communicate these goals in addition to day-to-day matters so employees are always reminded of them.

2. Keep the overall purpose of employee communications top of mind.

Day-to-day communications are important, but it is also essential for employees to understand your company's overall mission and culture. Use internal communications to circulate this information and remind employees of the bigger picture.

3. Invest in high-quality tools.

Facilitate internal communication by investing in the right software programs and equipment, such as chat software and SMS texting services. By using SMS texting services, messages will be read much faster which will result in more responses.

4. Use data to communicate clearly.

Utilize informative metrics to keep your employees up-to-date on your company's performance. You can motivate your team showing metrics for the company, specific departments or even individuals.

5. Share news about the industry.

While much of your internal communication will focus on your company, it's also a good idea to share information about the industry as a whole.

6. Encourage communication across departments.

One of the primary goals of your internal communications program should be to facilitate communication between departments so that all of your employees can collaborate more effectively.

7. Seek to inspire action.

Structure your communications so that they provide employees with motivation and inspiration. Employees should feel both informed and motivated to produce. You can inspire action by offering to reward an individual's success or by simply sharing motivational quotes every day.

8. Use visuals to engage employees.

Many of your employees are visual learners. Use images and videos to engage employees and communicate important information effectively. Visuals can help those that are not understanding the content of the information.

9. Use humor.

When material is entertaining, it is also more likely to be memorable. Use humor and other forms of entertainment to connect with employees, as well as to encourage them to connect with one another.

10. Make sure your employees feel comfortable communicating.

Encourage employees to share ideas or provide feedback to anyone in the company, from peers to upper level management. Employees should feel welcome to communicate with anyone.Whether you're a large company or a startup, this internal communications practice helps build open, truthful relationships between employees.

11. Don't overload employees.

Thanks to advances in technology, internal communications is easier than ever. However, you should not use these capabilities to flood your employees with too much information. Be clear and concise in all communications.

12. Encourage social media use.

Many companies mistakenly encourage their employees to stay off of social media websites. However, when managed properly, your employee's company-related presence on social media can actually be a valuable tool for your company. Encourage employees to use social media in a positive, constructive way.

13. Praise your employees when they are successful.

Use internal communications to recognize employees for their contributions and let them know that they are valued by the company. Not only will this reward the employee for a job well done, but it will also encourage that employee to continue working hard. Be sure to communicate praise both publicly and privately.

14. Use internal communications to maintain transparency.

Your employees don't want to feel like they are "out of the loop." Use internal communications to keep employees informed about all relevant happenings within the company so that they feel included and respected.
Execute new tactics that can improve your internal communications strategy and get your team connected and inspired. The 16 internal communications practices above will help you reach that.

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