How should the country's school system be reformed

How should the country's school system be reformed?

Without a doubt the education system has emerged with a lot of loopholes making the education system more crippled than ever, it's not been even a decade or two when the education system has taken a reverse course when it comes to child's learning and his/her future. When it comes to introducing a reformed system, country has seen an uncountable number of attempts made in the reformation of the education system till date but none of the reform systems has proven completely worth as every reform comes up with certain obstacle and politics. It is very unfortunate to see that most of these reforms are even not applied properly due to lack of time and planning making the education system more crippled.

It's not an unknown fact that there are many countries who are doing better in the education sector because they have introduced reforms properly in their country seeing the current scenario and environment and moulding the child by the environment. Unfortunately, the planning part of our reform system has proven to be extremely week. Humans are natural learners, they learn from society, people and environment around them but when a child's education is started he is taught to focus on particular pattern of learning which limits the growth of the child.

Some of the reforms that country's school system can apply to improve its educational system are as follows-

Focus on Future

When it comes to developing aframework for the education system, many policy makers fails to understand that the policy has to be made keeping the long term goals in mind instead of what is right at the moment, this makes whole education reform to be seen with different mind frame. Most of the reforms made by the leaders and specialists till now are focused on keeping the fact what is right for the political system, companies and the other industries, but in all these things the major need of education and its reformation lose their importance, and thus the policies are confined in nature and are more narrow in their framework. The conviction to reform different parts of the education system like, syllabus, management, child mental health and financial safety of the student plays a very important part and the conviction can only come when the false nature of the policy makers is kept aside, and the policies are formulated keeping the future of child in focus. The countries with high rate of educational qualification have achieved their goals by making the fundamentals of basic learning factors of a child in mind, making them highly successful in achieving their goals of education.

Focus on Right learning methodologies in reform system

Country's educational system, is falling majorly due to the fact that the policies regarding the framework of learning have not been formulated in the right manner, for instance, a child is a natural learner, but when we set the education system with particular patterns and excluding them with the rest of the society and giving them a closed learning environment, this leads them to become less confident adults in the future, as their self-learning nature is curbed from the very start.

Shifting from lean to diverse educational framework

One of the major fallbacks in the education system can be pointed toward the layout in the education system for a child. When we look closely to children, every one of them is unique and different in nature, similarly everyone of the has different family and religion background, their upbringing is different, Therefore their learning is also different and this is where whole education system once again fails to be adaptable. Our educational layout is universal and lean for every child whereas their learning styles are different, if the policy makers keep this fact in mind and formulate the reforms in this manner that it is diversified and easily adaptable to different students with different learning curve, then the education system can achieve its full utility.

One of the ways diversity in educational system can be made is by studying different schools, their nearby locality and the culture and religion of the area, this will give by large very good insight of the number of enrollments in school and their diversification, and then the school can form a teachers community and make some additional frameworks along with the universal learning patterns to enhance the student's adaptability and their growth in the future altogether.

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