Effects of School of Having School Uniforms

What are the Positive and Negative Effects of School of Having School Uniforms?

School uniforms have been debated on time and time again. Do schools use uniforms to bring about order and regularity or just to differentiate their students from other institutions? Uniforms do this and more. It brings about a sense of unity and kinfolk. It makes the students feel that they are part of a great big family. Plus, it brings about equality no matter irrespective of the students' financial background. School uniforms can be said to be part of the dress code. It brings about a better learning environment free of distractions as everyone is wearing the same clothes. It eliminates peer pressure, discrimination, fights and sexual harassments. Students don't have to worry about the fact that one of them is wearing a branded t-shirt and one of them is not. It brings everyone on the same page.Moreover, uniforms bring about an order. It gives a smart, clean and neat presentation. It provides schools and classrooms with the much-needed seriousness. School uniforms are an important component of school life. 


The Positive Effect

  • Decreases peer pressure
  • Improves attendance and overall grades
  • Brings about and encourages discipline
  • Uniforms are not that expensive
  • Keeps students safe
  • Professionalism
  • Makes students feel comfortable
  • No discrimination
  • Stops bullying to some extent
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Creates a sense of modesty
  • Students can dress up quickly for school 


The Negative Effect

  • Students lose their freedom of expression
  • Denial of self-expression and unique style and personality
  • Limitation of what students can wear to school
  • Not all students are comfortable with their uniforms
  • Students may feel deprived of personal statements
  • Not everyone is able to afford uniforms, it might increase the burden on parents
  • Brings out the rebel in the student
  • Behavioural problems
  • Create bad impression or negative publicity of the school


Some researchers have highlighted that uniforms have no impact on the students' self-esteem and academic achievement. In many schools, senior students continue to bully their peers or the juniors. Students of other schools may bully students of a particular school because of the uniform. It had seen that teachers and administrators went through quite a rough patch when their school system didn't have uniforms. Educators and administrators had to enforce clothing rules and regulations. Many students preferred to wear clothes that showed their background, and many showed their skin. They wore bracelets and necklaces and had piercings which made them look outer place. There was no equality and sense of belonging. With uniforms in place, the teachers and administrators have gotten relief. There has been a reduction in peer pressure and rise in discipline and academic achievements. But it also restricts the ability of students to express freely. School administrators argue with the fact that uniforms are more than just clothes. If a student gets lost on a school field trip, they can easily be found. It puts a full stop to uncalled fashion statements in schools. No one can judge them or point the finger at them. It brings about a positive attitude in the students. This is, in turn, brings about quality and efficient work. But many students love their uniforms and feel comfortable too. On the downside, uniforms can bring about negative publicity for the school. For example, if two students from the same school are caught in a fight or brawl in the public, the uniform and name of the school gets a highlight. It brings the school into the unwarranted limelight and a bad reflection. This will have a negative impact as parents will not want their children to be enrolled or admitted into that school. This is a loss. Moreover, schools also require their students to have P.E uniforms, drama club or sports uniforms. Parents may find this quite expensive. And most students don't like to P.E classes, but they have to participate anyhow; thus the negative count. While there are many advantages and disadvantages, we cannot overlook the fact that uniform brings about pride in the school. It creates a sense of belonging. Students love this and during sports or debates with other schools, they proudly show off their uniforms. There is beauty in the uniform. It makes the students look smart and presentable. When they wear the uniform in the morning, they know that they have something to accomplish. They have to go to school and learn. They get to be part of big family. It doesn't hinder in the way they communicate with their teachers and friends. Uniforms have become part of their lives.

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