California High School Exit Exam-CAHSEE

California High School Exit Exam 

California High School Exit Exam is abbreviated as CAHSEE, was started in the year 2006 in California Public Schools to examine the grade level skills in writing, reading and mathematics for the high school diploma. The content of CAHSEE is based on content standards in English-language arts and mathematics adopted by State Board of Education in 2003.In 2010 the SBE adopted the common core state standards in English-language arts and mathematics.

California High School Exit Exam: 

Let's look at the various details of exam:

The content of Exam-  The exam has two parts, English-language arts(ELA) and mathematics. The ELA part has multiple-choice questions and a writing task. The multiple choice questions are from the vocabulary, comprehensions, literature text. The essay writing demands the essay be written on the mentioned topic. The topic can range biology to the analysis of any subject, general awareness and likewise.

The mathematics part has multiple choice questions. It covers the range of topics like statistics; data analysis and probability; number sense; measurement and geometry; mathematical reasoning and algebra.

Passing criteria- The mathematics section requires approximately 55% of items correct or the scale score of 350.The passing criteria for ELA section are 60% of items correct or the scale score of 350.

Students criteria - The CAHSEE has to be cleared by every student, they are given the chance of attempting the exam at different grades. Initially, the districts send the notification to the parents or guardians of students when the student is in grade nine or quarter of regular school term and each year after that till the exam gets cleared. The students take the exam first time at second half of grade ten .If the student is unable to make the exam or clears only a part of the exam he or she is given options to clear the exam or part of exam again in grade eleven. This opportunity is given twice in grade eleven. If still the exam is not cleared by the student he or she gets at least three and up to five attempts to clear it in grade twelve. The adult student gets three attempts per school year to pass the exam. The students with a disability are given certain accommodations for passing the exam keeping in mind the kind of disability.

The importance of California High School Exit Exam for students-  The students have to clear the exam compulsorily if in any circumstance the exam is not cleared, but the student has met with the other graduation requirements then some school or colleges allow the student to participate in the public graduation ceremony. These students do not get a diploma .In some districts, these students are given a certificate of completion which states that these students have met with the other graduation requirements apart from passing CAHSEE.

The CAHSEE was implemented to make the education standard high in California. Though many students have qualified the exams in past since in California the small percentage also matters, so there are also the number of students who are not able to clear the exam. There are many districts which provide Certificate of Completion to students who are unable to clear the California High School Exit Exam but otherwise meet the graduation requirements, but this does not carry the same weight age as the diploma. The students are rejected many times in college or the job interview for not having the diploma. The maximum number of students who failed the exam is the low-income students, English learners, Latinos and blacks which depict some flaws in the assessment structure. This further leads to a problem in getting a high education or deserving job for theses students. All the factors have created doubt in the minds of Super indent. As a result, the changes were done in the California High School Exit Exam.

Recently the  administration of CASHEE has been suspended along with the requirement that students pass the CAHSEE to receive a high school diploma for the school years 2015-16,2016-17 and 2017-.The main reason is due to the change in academic standards. The CASHEE conduction has always remain in debate that whether the student who fails in the exam lacks capability even if he or she meets the other graduation requirements. So finally the law, Senate Bill 172(Liu) signed by Governor become effective on January 1,2016.According to the law, the schools should grant a diploma to any student who has completed grade 12 in the year 2003-4 or the following academic year and has met with all other applicable graduation requirements apart from passing the CAHSEE. The law further required the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to convene an advisory panel to provide recommendations to Superintendent for continuing the exam or provide the alternative ways to satisfy the high school requirements pursuant to Education code sections 51224.5 and 51225.3.

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