How Effectively Are You Using your Time

How Effectively Are You Using your Time

The problem of not having time is almost as old as time itself. The Roman Philosopher Seneca was writing about it in AD49. He even devoted a book to subject: 'On the shortness of life'

Two thousand years later, there are enough manuals, workshops and websites available on how to get done more in less time to fill every waking minute. And still we are not satisfied. Managing the time effectively makes us feel good about time, both how much we have got and how we spend it.

Life will become enthusiastic if we start doing things differently and in a planned manner. To achieve this goal we have to gain control on time rather allowing the time to control us. So our main objective in managing the time effectively should have the clear idea for upcoming days, weeks, months and years.

As a housewife I need to co-ordinate so many things in the house, which includes managing household activities, children and taking care of the family. All this requires patience and effort to manage the time in a well organized manner. The role of housewife is completely different than a woman working outside the home, so the path to success and satisfaction is completely different.

Following are some tips for time management.

Planning the activities in organized manner:

Planning the activities in advance will let us know how much time is required for a particular activity. Utilize the time in an organized manner to each activity by creating the chart. Design your own chart which suits your routine according to your best, average and worst times.





Waking up












 To make the planning successful we have to first identify what, when and how do we  need to do.

 As a housewife I need to keep the things at home in the organized manner. I try to tackle one room at a time and try to organize it properly. Another most important time saving technique is that I label the boxes, bottles, etc.

Assess your time:

Many people believe that they have utilized the time effectively but the reality is far different. For example, if we consider students they believe that they have studied a lot, but actually the would have spent time watching tv, being online talking to friends on phone etc. keep your mind focused on you work.

Same holds true in case of housewives. Instead of taking all the decisions alone I involve all the family members which saves my valuable time. I also assign some work to my children like keeping the books and toys back to its place.

 Now a days we can buy things online which really saves the valuable time. So we have to keep a track on the activities we do and try to eliminate all the activities where is time is losing.

Make Priorities:

One more important thing in managing the time is to prioritize the activities. In a book entitled "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" author Stephen D .Covey  has mentioned the activities are divided into 4 parts based on two major factors i.e. Urgency and Importance. So you have to MANAGE, FOCUS, AVOID and LIMIT your time.

Referring a top scoring student; he has to prioritize time on studies, assignment, projects etc rather than playing. As a housewife I will prioritize between two activities that is Visiting a parlor and visiting a doctor.

Schedule activities:

After setting up the priorities; schedule your activities to reach your goals. Set up the schedule into which you are comfortable with. Do not postpone or avoid the activities which seem big and difficult, which sum up to be problem later on. Try doing little things at times instead of putting them off.

Again referring to students; committee you time to classes, tuitions, seminars etc.

Add in study time and this study time should be planned in a way that it coincides with the time of the day when you are most active and alert. Also add a time in refresh yourself in the activities like exercising, socializing etc.

I too schedule the activities accordingly. That is first I finish all the household activities and then refresh myself by going for walk, meeting friends etc.

Set up a deadline:

Practice setting up deadlines so that you can finish you activities on time. This helps in adjusting or rearranging the activities in which you are lagging behind.

I set up weekly target to complete certain activities.

Keep track on progress:

Reassess the list of activities or adjust the activities when they are complete. Complete the activities accurately and efficiently. Keep a check on how are you nearing to your objectives. If there are mistakes made then correct them by looking at new ideas and opportunities. Forward planning and prediction should be avoided. 

Say "No" to unnecessary distractions:

Saying NO to the things which are not important to you at times does not make you a bad person.

If you have an urgent deadline for certain activities like job or career, focus on such activities first, even if you have to sacrifice a social meeting, an outing with friends etc. Unless it is personal emergency, concentrate on the work in hand. Practice the habit of saying NO to unnecessary distractions.

Avoid Multi-tasking:

Multi-tasking is Myth. Women are welknown for multi-tasking and they usually take a pride on this. Donot jumble the things, instead concentrate on one particular activity on hand for efficiency.

Good night sleeping:

Getting proper sleep at night will help you to be alert and enthusiastic throughout the day. Sleeps keep the mind clear and be active. Sleep at least 7-8 hours.

Following all the above steps in a planned manner helps us to dictate the quality and state of our life.

You can do a lot with a little time if that little time is totally committed and effectively managed. Organizing time depends on each individual wherein each individual has to monitor and plan his own activities.

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