Should Middle School Students Be Drug Tested

Should Middle School Students Be Drug Tested?

It is evidently known that the athlete weather they are competing for Olympic or any other playing league are told to submit their urine sample in order to test the drug levels in their body which may negatively harm the performance of the athletes in the competition and moreover the test also helps the management to stop any wrong practices. now a days same regulations is being formulated by some schools where students are told to turn out their urine sample to the respective authority in order to test their drug levels before approving them to participate in the different sports activities in school.

Testing athletes is a different story but when it comes to testing a student for drug, the whole story takes a turn and thus objections are upheld by teachers and parents constantly. So, now the question arises whether the students from middle school should be subjected to drug testing for the participation in schools athlete programs?

According to he school management and coaches of the athlete programs the usage of drugs in the students from early age has gone significantly high which not only disturbs the mental health of children but also damages the physical helped of the child and with the help of the drug testing at an early level, child can be helped to overcome the habit and give a self-realisation to the child about the harms drugs can cost in different aspects of life. School management regards the drug testing as a tool to promote general awareness for the drugs and its usage in teens. There have been underrated instances in the school where school have found out some rackets distributing small quantity drugs to the students which significantly takes a higher step of drug intake in future .

There are two form of arguments that arises when we talk about drug testing in middle school level - One says the drug testing is objectionable when it come to a student and one says drug testing is rightful when it comes to any form of athlete.

Taking the first argument in detail, most of students and parents are highly objectionable when it comes to drug testing, mainly due to the reason that a drug testing effects the confidence level of a child and is also insulting for a young athlete, as these tests tend to create lot of tension and politics in conduction and this totally distracts the students to give the true performance and instead they are being caught up in clarifications and undue practices during the testing environment. These things makes parents and students less interested in taking any form of test.

On the other hand, when we take a look at the second argument from the coaches and school management they tend to differ from the points made by parents. School management and coaches believe that the students who participate in athletic activities are the future athletes of the country and it is the upmost duty of a coach to prepare an athletefrom a young age so that they can outperform every pother competitor. On other hand, if a student is tested initially before the selection process in school then the students who are extremely good future athletes can be trained separately by first working on their habits of taking drugs and they can be taught the importance of healthy lifestyle which is very important for an athlete, also they can be made aware that if they want to pursue their career as athlete in future how much harm these practices can do in their career.

This fact cannot be ignored that sports is a serious profession, pone must have high valuable lifestyle to pursue sports as career. Regardless of testing the student who are participating in sports, the other reason due to which school managements are in favor of drug testing is due to the fact that more than ever in past, no a days any kind of drug is easily accessible to students by different mafia and rackets working discretely. The students being young do not understand the value of healthy lifestyle and are easily brainwashed with the power and energy factors that affect the brains of a person on the intake of drug, as students do not have any guiding mentor with them every time they tend to get caught in the fancy part of taking drugs and indulge in these wrong practices.

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