What effect does parent involvement in schools have on education

What effect does parent involvement in schools have on education?

The relationship between a parent and child is multi-dimensional, and it can't be denied that higher level of involvement of parent with a child in a different aspect of his/her life proves to be significant in the growth of the child. A child is a natural learner by nature, he/she responds to the environment they are provided with, whether it is home or school, every small thing helps a child to grow and fall. Lately, in the modern society when both the parents are working, there comes a halt when parent's involvement is demanded in the daily life of a child, and at this moment the loophole comes in the growth of a child. In order to resolve the gap between a child and parent and their significant involvement in the child's life, school ten to play a major role in bridging the gap between the two.

School undoubtedly forms a major pillar in the growth of a child, regardless of any situation a child spends most of his early learning year in school and less with parents, so it is important for the schools to take a step ahead and try to involve parent with the child. There are different ways in which schools are nowadays involving parents with the child, one of the significant way to increase the involvement is by extending the parenting limit of a parent from home to school. This tends to give a quality and quantitative time to both the parent and child, and this way a child doesn't feel less ignored from a parent. Communication is a key factor that schools use to enhance the involvement of a parent, schools provide regular two-way communication opportunities by providing parents with a child's performance in studies and play and suggesting how a parent can work with the child in developing the negative part of child's performance.

Schools also use the major tools to increase the involvement of parent with the child, which is volunteering. Schools give the opportunity to parents to come down to schools and spend their time with their child and work with them on different kind of skilful projects that are assigned by the schools to the child; this method is near to perfection when it comes to parent's involvement with the child. This method creates an opportunity and open dialogue platform between child, teacher and parent by working simultaneously on the skill building activities of the child.

Formulating child's yearly activity and growth strategy are the most important work that is being done by school management and high-level staff. This is the process which determines the growth level of a student with the facilities and activities that are going to be conducted by the school for the child in the short term and long term. Schools have started involving a parent in the crucial decision-making process. Parents are called up for the long discussion session with school management and teachers and both the parties discuss the different aspect of the activities and help in suggestions and formulation of goals which will highly enhance the mental and physical growth of the child.

In many educational systems, the involvement of a parent in a child's homework is majorly overlooked sue to the fact that it is conceived that a child is capable of doing his/her homework alone. But nowadays schools are formulating kind of homework which are to be done with the help of p[aren't which helps in building strong communication channel between a parent and child, and also helps parents to understand the interest of the child in different fields.

It is also insightful when a school invites various field experts and conduct workshops for parents and teachers to provide them with detailed methods and practices by which parents and teachers can enhance engagement with a child and help them to become a responsible person with healthy mind and heart.

It can never be underestimated that a parent involvement doesn't play a role in child's growth, and only schools are responsible for the growth and development of a child, responsibility of a child cannot be completely transferred. Hence it is the commitment of a parent and teacher to help a child grow enormously. Regardless of how the world is . it is the responsibility of a teacher as well parent to provide right motivational and positive environment to a child to grow efficiently.

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