Does your school hand out Too many A Grade

Does your school hand out Too many A's?

In early education system grades were considered stepping stone of growth and success, but with the changing time there has been significant changes when i9t comes to mapping success and growth, sop thereby benchmark of good and bad education system has been effected drastically. In earlier times the education system was strict and not a piece of cake for every student, but now a day's education has taken a down run and with easy accessibility and low teaching standards, the whole education system has lost its value. Regardless of the fact that education is still not that cheap but one can say grades are easily affordable.

Indeed this is not a hidden fact that now day's schools distribute A's in grade so easily that the true value of A grade has been lost. In early time when the education standard was high, the teaching methods applied were crucial and significant but with the changing time the standards are being lowered creating a loophole in the system. A student turning an average quality of paper is equally appreciated and is being awarded A as grade as easily as it can be.
Schools today distribute to numerous A's to its students prompting grade inflation & the loss of true value point of an A.

As the data reveals nearly 20% of the students in the class used to get A's in grades but as per new data nearly 70% of the students lends up getting A's in most of their classes and assignments, which truly reveals how easy it has been then ever to get A's in your schools.

In early education system, a teacher was prepared giving a strict training about teaching methods and values but as the time has passed by it is not difficult to get a teaching job for any graduate student, therefore there is no proper training of the teachers. This results in poor teaching standards, due to the fact that the information exchanged by the teacher in the class on ery first hand is not of very high quality and rather it is more of quantitative nature, the end results turned out buy students in the form of paper and assignment is of poor quality, but as the first hand information by teacher was itself poor quality, the teacher tend to give good grades easily and rarely any student coms in fail category. So, looking through the situation and understanding what needs to be fixed, it can be easily analyzed that changing bad quality teacher with good one is the first step to progress. There are different ways when a teacher can be filtered out by the school on the first time of interview, there must be different kind of skill test other than as simple interview to evaluate the skill of the teacher. A teacher is morally and skillfully responsible for the growth of a student and if a teacher is responsible and is good at subject significantly then he/she will never distribute higher grades so easily.

One of the negative effects of distributing higher grade so easily is that the student becomes overconfident and loses all the interest and direction to improve his/her research ad writing skill, which is not at all good for the student's growth.

According to one of the specialist, one of the students has a thesis ready with him, which happened to catch the specialist attention. It was shocking to observe the low quality of thesis and it was really disappointing to see that the other entire student will get nearly same marks in the thesis as the one with low quality. Other students work hard on their research, and the information they write becomes the important part of the subject in the future. Some of the best students get A's in their subject, while others also get the same. This concludes that overall the education status has gone low and everybody is equal and on same plane. Another reason of the low quality paper can be traced to efforts of teachers in not providing enough guidance and time to student in improving his/her research skill, which makes the student less responsible and in the end the paper turned out is of low quality in terms of research and writing. As the teacher is much aware of his/her less effort, in order to compensate the guilt they tend to distribute higher grades.

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