Fresher international college students need to be consider few things

It is not simple for international learner to make a smooth conversion to college life in America.

International student have to do adjustments to new lifestyle and new environment and its take time. Students will inevitably meet various situations that they do not know how to deal with. Here are a number of the experiences that surprised me when I first come in college that new international students be supposed to expect - and plan for. ? 

I. Most academic information is easy to get online: In my home country, assignments and class works were all distributed on paper. But, in the USA, mainly colleges use their own online system for all types of academic purposes. Earlier than school starts, new international students should catch a quick look of the system and look across the features it has.

Normally speaking, students able to do everything related to academics in the system. For instance, I can download class notes from lecturer, check out homework marks and examination scores, turn in assignment and so on. These systems also provide platforms for learner and teachers to communicate. Teachers frequently make announcement by the online system. ?

?The element I liked the most was the discussion room, where students able to discuss both academic and logistical questions. I remember once I forgot there was an exam the next day. Fortunately, I saw people asking problems about the exam in the discussion room and instantly sent an email to the tutor using the online system to verify the date of the exam. This saved my marks.

II. Attending the first lecture of the semester is essential: It is clear that several international scholars have to travel through school holydays and may not be able to present in the first lecture of the semester for that reason. However trainer usually don't cover a lot of material in the very first lecture, it is now very essential for learner to go.

In the first lecture, the teacher typically briefly discuss about course strategy, the course agenda and what scholars able to learn from the course. Then, students able to find out the outline of the complete course and decide whether to continue taking the course at the starting of the semester. ?

Scholars should try to change courses at the starting of the semester, rather than teaching something they are not paying attention in. Teachers may also utilize the first lecture to have a survey on when to hold weekly working hours or when to have the midterm exam. If the original scheduled time clash with your course schedule, the first lecture is the perfect time for you to plan another time.

Still if you are on the waitlist for the lecture, you actually have to attend the first lecture for more instruction about the course. ? ? 

III. Group projects are Common: It is fairly common that group projects will be part of your course marks. When I first took a course that holds a group project, I felt very uncomfortable with group project, since I was used to just taking writing homework and midterm exams. Group projects analysis the material you learn from a course with your capacity to work as a team.

The plan of group projects able to vary between teachers and courses. Mostly, you will form a group with your classmates and do the homework given by your teacher. The homework can be a research on a certain topic and it is generally lengthy. After the group is formed, teammates usually will meet together and allocate work to every member of group.

The core of the group project is the final result, which could be an in-class presentation that needs every student to participate, a video presentation that needs every student to talk the equal amount of time or a written document or report.

To be successful in a group project, try to select the part you are perfect at when the group is splitting up tasks. If you have problem with your work, go to your professor's working hours for assist or ask your group members. Scholars must try to begin early, and meet with teammate several times before the end of the project to give more ideas.

IV. There is no such thing as a standard lecture: When I first came to college, my parents asked me what my "lecture" was. This was because in Asia, scholars are frequently divided into different lectures and each lecture has a tutor who is in charge of everything within the lecture. This lecture stays unchanged until scholars graduate.

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