Electrical engineering is popular and demanded occupation

Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering is the most popular and demanded occupation which is suitable for the demand of both software and hardware development. Electrical Engineers are able to design the industrial machinery and the end user gadgets, and do frequently work with the manufacturers and the designers as a team to develop a new electronic device for the market. Electrical Engineering is technically very challenging and also it requires a huge knowledge of mathematics and the physics, but the personal and financial booty for getting successful in this field are very large.

In today's technological era everything runs on electricity, from the giant technology which can clean the water for the whole cities, for the thin mobile phones which are very popular today, to make all the expertised electrical engineers are required.  The Electrical Engineering job offers exclusive opportunities to take part in the manufacturing and design of the devices which the consumers use mostly in their daily routines.

Electrical Engineering is the part of engineering which generates and transmits the electrical power by utilizing the principles of electromagnetism and electricity, and then permits for the evolution of a large amount of electrical and electronic equipments, which includes the heating and , telecommunication system , cooling systems, traffic lights, CAT scans, hybrid vehicles etc. However the Electrical Engineering is one of the toughest streams according to the students, and it is difficult to cope up with the assignment deadlines and academic stress.

Electrical Engineering most of the time referred to as the 'Electrical and Electronic Engineering'. It is the field of engineering deals with the study and function of the electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. In the late of 19th century this Electrical field became identifiable occupation when the electrical telegraph and electrical power supply were commercialized. Now it has the subtopics like power, electronics, control system, signal processing and telecommunications.

Duties of Electrical Engineers:



The Electrical engineer has the huge range of responsibilities, but this field is very profitable in today's era. The following are the general duties of an Electrical Engineer according to "The Bureau of Labour Statistics" expected:

  • To improve or develop products design new ways to utilize the electrical power.
  • To calculate the manufacturing, construction and installation values and provisions in detail.
  • To ensure that the built product meets the conditions and codes by direct manufacturing, installation and testing.
  • To explore the queries from the consumers or the public, estimate problems and give the solutions.
  • To work with the project managers for the production to make sure that projects are completed on time and within the targeted budget.

Electrical Engineers work for the full time and to fulfil the requirement, they do overtime. Though the overtime for an Electrical Engineer is worthwhile and sometimes it is given with additional benefits.

Career Outview for Electrical Engineers:

The career for the Electrical Engineers is expected to rise up to 6 percent from 2010 to 2020. Because most of the manufacturing sectors has declined, it is the slower than the average profession. But this will not affect because this field has full growth with the employment opportunities.

The following will be included by the areas in which the industry will grow:

  • Engineering services firms
  • Wireless telecommunications
  • Computer systems design

The huge demand of Electrical Engineering will be in the research & development departments. Importantly, because the society is not dependent on fossil fuels nowadays, the engineers of electrical background will play a important role to develop the ways to make use of the technologies which will critical to implement a safer and greener planet.

Electrical engineers will work to increase efficiency to convert solar and wind power to the electricity and it also makes the power grids to be more efficient.

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