Military associates educational benefits

Military associates educational benefits are there for many experienced and vigorous duty servicemen associates. The benefits of this gives to the associates a heavy discounted or totally free education.

Military associates education assistance is the best way for military associates to not to get into the significant student debt and this assistance offers thousands of dollars as fund for the associates education.

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Following are abstract of some of the military associates educational advantages existing for associates:

Tuition guidance for Military Associates:

It stands for Service members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) degree program for members and their associates of the army. SOCAD provides many colleges for associate degree (two year programs) and bachelors' degree (four year program) that are available for the associates all around the world. An enormous advantage of joining a SOCAD college is that courses are definite to move from one SOCAD college to another, so for those military associates who travel from one army pedestal or location frequently to another, their education will not have any interruption.

Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program (SSEAP):

SSEAP provides Military Associate Tuition Assistance to those associates who reside in the United States. This is a needs based program and offers benefits to those associates who are active duty army members, retired army soldiers and the widows/widowers of departed army service members. The amount of tuition assistance for associates are decided by their income, owned assets, family size and also any special conditions. Each year Up to $2700 can be awarded. This assistance can only be applied to associate and undergraduate degrees.

Spouse Education Assistance Program (SEAP-Overseas) :

SEAP-Overseas provides Military Tuition Assistance to those who are army associates of active duty army servicemen within an Overseas instruction. Each year a maximum of $2500 can be provided and in this assistance only undergraduate level degrees are enclosed.


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It is the Service Opportunity for College degree program provided to the members of the Navy. It provides a network of colleges where Navy members and their associates can complete both associate and undergraduate degrees in military friendly surroundings. SOCNAV colleges allow associates to study on a range of campuses in America, internationally and also online.


It is the service opportunity for college degree program provided to the members of the coast guard. Coast guard associates have the benefits to attend SOCCOAST colleges and able to gain their educations even if they have to travel locations many times as there are SOCCOAST campuses all over the country and also they can study online.


It is the service opportunity for college degree program provided to the members of the Marine Corps. SOCMAR provides the facility to the students to transfer to any SOC schools when they have to travel and also the distance courses are available. This allows students to complete their education.

The above description of programs is general guidance of what to expect with tuition assistance for military associates. Go through some more information online to find private organizations and charities that also offer grants, scholarships and general support for military associate education.

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