How The Internet Revolutionizing The Education

Revolutionization is similar to water flowing over stones: give it adequate time, and it will certainly mould and reform those stones into entirely fresh stuff. The Internet has swept the whole universe and has changed the way of our thinking regarding the social communication, media, wealth, purchasing. Basically, it has changed the way of our thinking about the life.

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Education is going to move away from outdated official recognition systems and headed for a centre of attention on real-world skills. Our vision is to free this information and to encourage people to share their skills with those who are willing to find out them.

However, almost all the Internet keeps modifying the way we learn. It keeps changes the education as the water changes stones. Nowadays, millions and millions of people can use the free educational information that they can adopt at their own speed, on their own provisions, and in habits that suite them. The tradition of memorization, of learning "from the books", is ended now. The time has come to accept the Internet has-and will keep-to modify what education is.

Unwrap culture:

Should the information be open to all to both utilize and donate? And, the answer should be "Yes", and this sensitive viewpoint that forms the base of The Unwrapped Education association, and it has been gaining momentum since 2006, it is the same year in which Dr. Dan Colman, launched Unwrapped Culture, the largest free intellectual and educational media site. Almost five years old, Unwrapped Culture is the largest record of without charge intellectual and educational media in continuation. Unwrapped Culture is altered by Colman who achieved his PhD in 1997 from Stanford. After the graduation from Stanford he started working at "" in the early days, and after that he worked for the Stanford, Oxford, and Yale Consortium. And now he is running Stanford's regular education program and works on Unwrapped Culture in his free time.

"I'm trying to propose the best ideas to all over the world. Currently in this world exists too much of a gap between the university world and the universal individuals." - Dr. Dan Colman

In this period, without cost education has never been so available. The Web gives lifelong learners the tools to become autodidacts, eschewing exorbitant training and combining the ranks of other self-taught great thinkers in history such as Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Ernest and Paul Allen Hemingway.

Learning is a life-long endeavour and online education incarnates this age-old ideology quite flawlessly. Today nearly half of all online students are 26 years or older. But what about tomorrow?

'Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to adopt learning.' -Albert Einstein

The world's encyclopaedia is as weightless, free and instantly available as Wikipedia, which is quickly achieving authority in the tutoring sphere. By using the Internet, one can learn a new language or explore into the depths of metaphysics with just a click on the mouse. The Web has unlocked the keys to a worldwide virtual school, potentially levelling the playing field for students around the world.

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The online education is helping people to get more qualifications with less spending and also they can get graduation degree or post graduation degree while they are working. Also, students are getting source to be prepared for the competitive exams without spending time in institutes and coaching centres. It saves their time and also money. They are getting more and more information online which cannot get from an institute.

Today it is possible that one can get a degree from any institute or university with the help of online education, without going there physically. If someone is in a state and is not able to go and join the institute he/she can apply through online.

So, the internet has the most powerful impact on education.

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