Before applying follow few important steps to improve chances to get internship at Google

Google, arguably, isn’t only the finest but also the most wonderful company to work for, in the world. No wonder, thousands apply each and every year just to get an opportunity to work in the one of the most innovative companies in the globe. Google interns get plenty of opportunities in bagging job offer not only from Google but other big technology companies of the world.

Google frequently looks out of interns who want to make a difference in the world. Thus, unless you start learning to create exceptional things there are not many chances of you making it.

There are few pre-requisites to focus and some mistakes to avoid if you want to be a Google Intern. Here is a list of simple, yet critical things for making it a university graduates:

1. Find a project that you’re passionate about-


Google looks for people who can build things. Therefore, it is significant for you to display your passions and skills outside the class rooms. Show them that you are not only creative but also passionate to make something from scratch. Here are some Google sponsored/ recommended programs to ignite your passion or skills-

Google Code-in (GCI): It is a Google contest for students to participate and encourage in open source software development and coding.

The Google MBA Product Management Summit: This interactive two-day workshop is designed for learners to give better understanding of what Product Management actually is at Google.

AdCamp: Here College students get first- hand exposure and insight to the Google’s advertising services and sales products.

RISE Awards: This rewards program designed for all students from all background to motivate them to become a creator rather than a consumer.

LEAD Computer Science Institute (LEAD-CSI): LEAD CSI program is devised to expand and develop critical thinking and problem-solving methods among students.

BOLD Immersion: This is a unique program where learners get a chance to indulge in a culture where cutting-edge technology, great minds, and smart businesses meet to make a difference to this world.

Google Online Marketing Challenge: This challenge gives a unique chance to students to create online marketing campaigns using Google+ and Google Ad words. The team that creates the successful campaign gets the opportunity to win some awesome awards.

Google Code Jam: In this program, Google challenges professionals and students around the world to resolve tricky algorithm puzzles. The winner gets $20,000 grand award along with a lot of accolades.

Google Policy Fellowship: This fellowship program offers interested university students to spend time in exploring and learning future possibilities of technology and Internet policy.

Summer of Code: Google summer of code program provides an chance to students to write code for open source code projects and also get a stipend for it.

2. Networking & Connection-

No matter how well you get ready, a good insider reference always assists. Thus, start building excellent connections now if you are serious about making it to the Google. For that, you need to attend more business meeting, events, hackathons & tech meet-ups rather than weekend outings, playing video games or hitting the bars. Also, work on building your online presence that means spending extra time on LinkedIn and not on Facebook.

3. Spice up Your Resume-

Impressive resume grabs the attention of the employer. Google receives thousands and thousands of internship and job applications from around the world. HR would haven’t more than few seconds to have a quick look at your resume before moving on to the next one. Try to create your resume that is creative and tailored to meet the job requirements.

4. Work on getting good GPA-

Although, there are no particular cut-offs but do not make mistake, Google cares about your grades. They verify your transcript to check how well you are doing in courses, or what subjects or topics you are good at, and what aren’t. They are best in the search business, after all.

Despite doing all this, if you still do not make it, there’s always a second chance. Memorize, you can apply in Google many times. Thus as long as you are enhancing your grades along with a bunch of other activities you are in the right path of making into the Google system. The critical thing is to stay passionate and stay prepared in whatever you do in life.

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