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It's time to prepare your College Essay and you feel punch-drunk, aren't you? You obviously understand how important your college essay is and you do not need that smarty pants sitting on front desk in high-school with you to take priority over you and get admission leaving you wondering why on earth you got rejected! Huh! Tough work and a lot of anxiety! Really, you are over reacting. Yes, you are. With this ultimate guide to preparing College Essays, you are wasting your time thinking about all the possible-impossible consequences of getting rejected. Trust us, you won't get rejected unless you have a actually coquettish guardian angel who is flirting around with beauties half of the time instead of caring about your good-luck!

So, let's look at the crucial Guide to Writing College Essays.


1. Unveil the real you:

The university needs to see the real you and not someone else you are trying to act. So, provide utmost significance to the fundamental principle of writing College Essays: "Be yourself." Display your best writing skills while flaunting your adeptness at developing an idea or a theme. Amuse the reader while delineating your persona in depth. Let us offer you one secret tip: Portray yourself as self-effacing. Now that sounds contradictory, right? Well, this secret tip comes right from University deans. So, you have no option as boss is always right! Sound as modest and humble as you can in your essay.

2. Answer the question:

You don't just have to go on boasting about yourself (subtly, of course!), rather you also have to solve the problem that the college wants you to answer through your essay. While getting all excited about writing your qualities, do not forget to answer that problem in the best possible manner and wait...keep track of your character limit and do not trumpet that you have trouble subsequent instructions.

3. Pass yourself off as...:

We know we told you to be you. Thus, even if you are not mature, insightful, optimistic, smart, pragmatic, interested, determined, creative, self-assured, and diligent, portray yourself to be. Take pains to come across as someone who has all the given mentioned qualities. Do NOT overdo your efforts here, it becomes visible.

4. Opt for your own language:

So you postulate you are au fiat and you will feign an unbelievably strong vocabulary by using your thesaurus to throw supererogatory and unwonted words in your essay! Huh? (Here's what it means: "So, you think you are smart and you will fake an unbelievably strong vocabulary by using your thesaurus to throw unnecessary and unusual words in your essay.") Kiss this thought off and get real. Teenagers don't speak that way! Avoid using extraordinarily formal language. Be comfortable while writing and let the person reading feel comfortable too.

Most important thing in case of language could be: don't sound usual and cliched. For example: "There are so various underprivileged children in the world that I feel I must assist them." Okay...this sounds nothing extraordinary. Anybody may feel that way. What have you really done to help them? Or what incident of your life provoked the thought of helping them? Share that. If you have taken up Expertsmind internship to help underprivileged children or you are related with some non-profit organization that helps underprivileged children, mention that and show the reader that you believe in actions and not plain stargazing.

5. Be unique:

You have got stacks of essays to inspect in a day. How do you feel about it? Boring, right? Exactly the point. So, you, by writing your essay in an uninteresting manner, are making the situation worse for the examiner. How, then, do you imagine to get through? Outshine the rest. Show your uniqueness by preparing your essay in an interesting fashion. Most significantly, start with a difference. A good starting is half done. Make your beginning statement impactful, life-like and imaginative.

6. Trim your sentences and elongate them at times:

You may not understand that equal sentences throughout your essay make it monotonous. Use sentences of varied sizes and prepare the transition smooth. You don't want to leave the examiner wondering how you started talking about your interest in spaceships just after you complete saying how would you react if you are made The President of the nation for a day. Another significant aspect is the language you tend to use.

7. Be accurate in your information about a college:

This one is truly important. It can hoist your image and can also provide it a hard blow if handled carelessly. Gather authentic information about the college you are writing about and exhibit your knowledge about it. Beware, one incorrect information and you will be tagged as careless.

8. Proofread:

Do not be overconfident on your skills. Once written, do proofread your essay providing an interval of at least a day. Also, get it proofread by your parent or teacher for any silly mistakes that slipped your eyes. Most importantly, don't rely on spell check!

Once you have followed this extensive list of tips to writing an essay, no one will bar you from carving a wonderful impression on the minds of your examiners and there you go...your coveted college is waiting for you!

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