Important Cyber Security Online Courses to Fight Cyber Crime

In today's world, organizations must be prepared to defend against threats in cyberspace. Decision makers must be familiar with the fundamental principles and best practices of cyber security to best protect their enterprises. In this course, experts from academia, the military, and industry share their knowledge to give participants the principles, the state of the practice, and strategies for the future.

With Internet's biggest security threats ever meet, Heart bleed, which has taken the internet by tempest, the need for extraordinary Network Security Professionals is bound to rise in the market. The cyber space is usually prone to such vulnerabilities and is likely to move toward a bigger risk zone along with the advancing age of intelligent hackers.

So, here, Expertsmind provide you a list of Cyber Security Online Courses that could enable you to secure a job in Network Security.

1. Cyber Aces Online Courses - Cyber Aces

Cyber Aces is big platform providing free online cyber security course. Registration starts from August 1, 2014. Covering Networking, Systems Administration and Operating Systems, this is a 9 weeks course with the workload of 5-10 hours a week. Get more info about Cyber Aces you can visit Cyberaces.

2. Applied cyber security - MIT University

World's best university - MIT University also provides online course in the cyber space. They provide applied cyber security course for network security. You can get more information on their site.

3. Cyber Security Training- Villanova University

Villanova University provides online course for preparing people to fight threats prevailing in the cyber space. Download your free brochure and get more information about you security course.

4. Computer Security Training - SANS

SANS offers a plethora of online courses on computer security and rewards you with a degree and certification. Find out more information SANS at san's website.

 5. Computer Network Security- Ashworth College

Ashworth provides an online diploma in Computer Network Security as a six months course and claims to enable you to access, analyze and respond to cyber threats as well as optimize security on completion of the course. Investigate the career diploma opportunities at Expertsmind.

6. Information Systems and Cybersecurity- ITT

Get all the basic knowledge and skills utilized in entry-level cyber security and information systems positions through this online course at ITT.

7. Major in Cybersecurity- UMUC

Practice your major in Cybersecurity at University of Maryland which is designed in a way that it could prepare you to be a leader in the protection of data assets. Search for the course and get full information about this major on college website.

8. Cybersecurity Academy- UMBC

Cybersecurity Academy certificate programs make the learners for real-life cyber threats. UMBC training centers provide a variety of courses from which you will choose the best that suits you.

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