Can Computer Games Sharpen your Mind?

When it comes to play games it is just a method of spending your leisure time. Playing actually makes people happy, active and creates positivity. But now playing is not limited to only going out, running or jumping or chasing friends. Video games previously and now games on computers and mobile phones are easily available for everyone and everyone prefers it.




Although some people will oppose the idea of playing games on computers which of course is true somewhere, as excess of everything is not good. But surprisingly playing on computers or mobile phones actually helps in sharpening mind. Yes, you read right. In the busy schedule and hectic life whether of a student or any adult , we tend to find ways to relax our minds and along with relaxing us we can sharp our mind while playing games. There are no certain lists of games to improve the memory or it is not like a medicine that someone should find to improve their memory instead it is like finding out what interests you, which kind of games or any other activity. Playing games is kind of mental exercise just like our physical exercise. 
It de-stress your mind while reaching your interest zone.

My younger brother tend to play such games a lot , and I've seen and noticed his eye and hand coordination are great. Even people playing more games are more skilled. These games helps you in increasing your focus at things, I myself when played "PIANO TILES" after few tries I found my brain was more attentive to what is happening. My eye and hand coordination went great. The game was supposed to increase your focus and concentration and well it did.

I was never a computer game supporter as I have always felt playing physically is much better than sitting at one place and playing whole day. But if we see playing on a computer is not that bad if played for limited times and hours. It will help you out with a little escape from a heavy duty life whenever you'll need. Talking to one of my gamer friend he said he actually believes that videogames really improved his brain function and also he was not so good at English but while playing he felt his English was a bit better . Also he felt his creativity and ability to solve puzzles has been improved.

Video games actually interests people with all its visuals and graphics. Though it depend on which genre of game you'll be preferring. While some prefer puzzles one , some prefer car racing or some prefer zombies. I myself believe the games should be there as a part of your daily routine just like physical exercise. You may unlock the part of your brains while playing games I have experienced. But the thing comes how much is enough? Well once someone will start playing he/she can lose track of time but it is important to make a note how much you are playing. As playing for fun is different and making it an addiction is different. You don't need to stick to a game for whole day, No. Instead play for like one or two hours in whichever time you want. Engage your brain in something interesting and you'll see how your body relaxes.

For the final conclusion if I was asked that if games really helps in sharpening our memory my answer would be yes. Yes it does help. But that doesn't mean you just have to sit infront of computers for the whole day just for sake of sharpening your mind. I mean where you'll be going to use it and when if you'll just stay with your computer for the whole day?

Playing games on computer is a mental exercise which one should perform. It help building up more focus and concentration  ,well it did for me. There are several studies which shows that it actually helps building memory you can go through the researches anywhere on internet and anytime.

For all those parents who are concerned for their children playing games a lot on computer, just don't worry . Don't stop them to play like for ever instead you can follow these tips -

a.       First of all stop scolding them. Maybe they get bore of things around them that's sticking to the computer. Instead show them the interesting things around them. Don't just suddenly stop them playing in your anger as it'll not help instead you'll become the villain.

b.      Playing games on PC's is fun ask them that you're also interested and see how smartly they'll tell you. See they're actually learning.

c.       Keep an eye on the type of game they are playing, you understand that right?  I mean see if the game they are playing is actually suits him/her. If not there are many ways you can lock that website without even knowing your child and tell them they are not good for them.

d.      Take this in a healthy way and give them a time like they can play for one hour or two hours a day.

Though these were some parental tips I thought I should share. But for adults too that is obvious  don't just stick to your PC, Play just for fun and prefer more mental ability tasks like games. It will refresh you and as I have said before you'll get an escape from the hectic life of yours.

Atlast I'd say playing is fine and even great but obviously if done in limit. Excess of anything will only do harm. Play like just an exercise. Though some people still have their own views about the topic but it was just about what I have experienced. No doubt physical games are best but sometimes when you're sitting in your room tired of everything around you and your boring life and don't feel like going anywhere and need some time alone you cannot start playing basketball, but yes you can switch on a PC and spend some good time there forgetting everything just for a while and yes exploring your brain more. So yes make it a habit for a healthy brain but don't make it a habit for your life.

Learning with fun is good but addiction of anything is not.

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