To be saved from punishment, provide a good reason for missing your homework

There are many students who dislike doing homework. A few find it time consuming, other might protest of hectic schedule, whereas there are as well students who find homework a boring duty. However, if you haven't done your homework, you necessitate being well prepared with an excuse as whenever you are provided any task; your teacher may ask you to submit it the subsequent day or at a specific date. If you fail to submit your work and do not encompass an influential clarification; you are definitely to be punished. Therefore, to be saved from punishment; you must provide a good reason for missing your homework. However, using similar excuse time and again can be unsafe as your teacher will have a suspicion you. The list provides a number of options which can fit your sack.

1) I forgot to carry my note-book:

It is one of the most frequent and authentic excuse which you can make use of. If it is the first time you missed your home-work, this trick of defense work extremely well. In a hurry, most of the students generally forget some of their note-book. Therefore, teachers can simply trust this reason of yours. However again, keep in mind that doesn't provide this justification time and again. As it is irrational that every-time if you are assigned task, you tend to fail to remember your note-book.

2) I m not able to complete work, as I am ill:

If you have previously made the above excuse once or twice, go for this one. Any infections, diseases or troubles by no means come with a summons and teachers too comprehend this well. Therefore, if you state that you fail to finish your work as you was sick, they will definitely not punish you.

3) I tried finishing homework; however I failed to understand the topic:

This reason based on the homework that you are provided. If the allocated task is not described properly in the class or if you are given the topic for writing, just similar to essay which is quite hard; you can certainly apply this excuse. You can say to your teacher that you tried studying on the chapter, but you not succeeded to recognize the core meaning of it. As a result, teacher will automatically stand up to clear your doubt or elucidate you the topic of your work.

4) I was not present that day:

If your teacher hardly observes the figure of students attend the class or if they barely bother to look at the attendance register; you can apply this excuse for missing your home-work. If you say them that you were absent on the day when home-work was allocated; they will provide you some additional time to finish your home-work.

5) My laptop or PC did not work last night:

This reason again based on the homework that you are provided. If your homework needs the use of laptop or computer; you can bestow this excuse. You can now state that 'I have finished half of my work, however unluckily my laptop automatically shut down and it was too late to find out any service center open'. This excuse will replicate the problem of your laptop and your teacher will not lift an eyebrow on you.

6) My friend borrowed my notebook however he didn't return:

Create an imaginary friend, who requires your completed homework as a reference of the topic that he not succeeded to understand. Thus, you can inform your teacher that your friend did not get the topic, so he borrowed your notebook and assured to return back before the school time. However unluckily he did not turn up. Present it in a manner that you tried helping your friend. Your teacher may get angry at you although at last they will consider your reason for not submission of the job.

7) I didn't locate the prescribed page number in my course-book:

Before presenting this excuse, you require to take small risk of tearing the page from your book for which the homework is allocated. Tear the page in such a manner that it seems like the pages are missing from your book. Thus, if you are presenting this reason; do not forget to take your course-book all along with you. Your teacher may ask you to give up that book in order to make sure the questions. Subsequently, if they really find out the pages missing; that is certainly not your fault and you can be saved from the punishment.

8) I was in a rush, so I by mistake left my note-book in my dad's car, and now he is in office:

This can rather be a good excuse for missing your home-work. Most of the times, we tend to forget things in a rush. Therefore, just say that you were carrying your note-book, since it was already time for your class though you by mistake left it in your father's car and since they reached office, you can't ask him to bring it back to you.

9) My neighbor bothered me, so I failed to concentrate:

If you had applied all other excuses earlier; and you are left without other excuse; you can tell your teacher that your neighbor came at your home and distracted you a lot. Therefore, you failed to focus on your work.

10) Speak the truth:

We all are familiar that we can't make excuses always for not finishing the task. If you make number of excuses, you will certainly be caught. At times it is ok to provide a reason but evading homework each and every-time is definitely not a good habit. Therefore, at least give a try, and if you fail, present the true reason for it. This will make a trust and most likely your teacher may appreciate you for your authenticity.

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