Time management for effective results in your studies

Time management for effective results in your studies

Effective time management is a desired virtue in human life. The ability to manage time well is a virtue that is admired by all human beings. It's at times considered as a discipline talent, its behaviour which one and every parent, teacher and student wishes to possess. As a learner the ability to manage and plan your time well is a success recipe for ones academics or education as it is a propeller towards effective learning at wherever level you are whether primary, secondary or tertiary institutions. It is good to always plan your time well, control what you will do at a particular period or moment and also to organize yourself in a way that all your deeds can be effective and profitable thus you can command what you want done with you time be it academic excellence.


A good time management skill enables a student or learner to plan, command, organize and control his /her studies, he or she would be able to plan and put his or her prioritizes in place and thus know what should be done first and thus does it. It enables one also to organize her studies well, for example he/she would be able to know at what time should have done the assignments and also be in a position to know what to work on for example to revise or do at free time. The student would be able to control all the time available by doing productive work and thus he or she would improve in positively in his studies.

As it is always said time is money, time management helps to beat or avoid procrastination. This is the vice or behaviour of pushing things forward or postponing to a later time. Something which you ought to have done at a certain time you postpone to a later time or even day. This vice is brought by mere laziness, non-commitment and lack of motivation. Time management skills enable one to be able to plan effective on what to be done at a particular day and for a good student he or she should do and complete what ought to do thus avoid procrastination at all possible ways. With good time management abilities and skills, students are able to avoid this vice hence do their works as required hence improve their own academic studies.

For effective results, a student has to manage is time well, he/she should have timelines. This timelines will help him greatly to know at what time he/she is required to complete an assignment. Personal timelines on the side of any learner helps to always be in front and on top of matters. It enables one to achieve is goals and thus for a learner he/she would be able to effectively affect his studies positively. Timelines can act as catalysts in achieving targets and thus for a learner it helps him/her to propel his studies hence achieving the academic goals or aims he had put in place. A good student should have a well-planned and organized timetable that gathers for his studies, this timetable should be fairly and equitably distributed to gather for all the subjects under study. A study or learning without personal timetable or plan is a ripe recipe for failure hence all students or learners should have timetables that are up to date which guides them in planning on achieving their goals. Timetabling enables students to effectively use their time in promoting their studies.

Timetable and timelines in a student's life enables him or her to effectively and successfully do, follow and execute tasks be it assignments or duties to details. They are able to follow and do activities and tasks to the desired end and thus in this way they would be in position to improve their academic studies hence good time management is the only recipe for success in academics.

The ability of a learner to manage his/her time well enables him to always be ahead of the tutor and thus this will be a motivator to the learner and thus his or her studies will be improved. It enables a learner to do a follow up of is work on time and this will improve is self-confidence concerning academics and thus will impact positively on his studies, also it allows one to gauge himself and also to correct his or her mistakes as he/she can do a revision of his work. Also it allows a student to be in a position that is on the save and right side. This effective time management gives a learner an opportunity to achieve is goals.

Good time management in education or academic setting enables one to complete assignments and tasks in good time, this is because the student is in a position to orderly execute his duties in a required manner. The ability of learners to complete tasks in time enables his or her studies to also improve as he will be in a position  to do a thorough work which may be a quality one hence improving their studies, also it enables the learner to have self-confidence, positive self-esteem, confidence and also have a clear, reality based vision. The self-confidence and positive self-esteem encourages learners very much to believe in their abilities and thus the learners will be greatly motivated and thus improve their studies. Also having a clear and reality based vision will enable the learners to make sound decisions and this will help greatly in studies as he or she will be able to come up with achievable timely goals.

In conclusion for a student to be a good time manager he/she has to have some traits, some of these traits include; removing unnecessary in the work list, plan all the work and should have a roughly clear idea of how he/she wants to accomplish the tasks, also if one is able to multi task then it will be desirable as it will save time, furthermore one should try as much as possible to reduce interruptions while working and importantly one should focus on the most important tasks thus will make him/her a good time manager and thus this tremendously improves students studies.


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