Principle of how to engage students in the classroom

Do your students love to be present at your classes or lectures? This is an extremely sensitive question to be asked and mostly teachers. Unluckily, it takes place in most of the traditional class-rooms. A survey states, less than 50 percent of students be present at classes and more precisely only 10 percent of students actively engage in the class-room which is even more bothersome.

This is imperative to break this standard and give them a truly helpful learning experience. The fundamental principle is how to engage students in the class-room, which motivates them to be engaged in their own learning method. I am going to discuss how to construct the manner having four pillars for your student's engagement in the class-rooms.

The four Pillars of Student Engagement:

Customized education

Each and every student has their own requirements so it is essential to apply various methods to make them involved in your lectures. In order to make a pathway, recognize their strengths and weaknesses. This will make a customized learning experience for you and as well for your students.

No time limits for learning

There must be a system for learning devoid of any time-limit. Why to the point learning in the class-room in a traditional manner like from 10 AM to 11 AM? Students no more like restrictions or any boundaries on their path. This is a nonstop process which must not have any boundaries - at least no time-limits.

Generate interests among students

However students must be responsible for their own learning and accomplishment, teachers have responsibility to generate interest among their students by performing some extra-ordinary activities and assist them to achieve their goal.

Competency-Based Learning

Implementation is more significant as there is no point if a student can't resolve the problem after memorizing the formula. There is no point in fact! Education must have different phases having external factors such as competition that influence the learning procedure of students.

Student Engagement Schedule:

The pillars discussed above have been designed particularly by expert faculties so always taken into consideration for the particular subject, the class level and of course the targeted students.

There are different tools and websites that assist students to make their study atmosphere efficient. Joining various forums, social media community or platform, they can make a study group where faculties can as well take part. There they can begin discussions with one other, post polls and share educational resources.

Different kinds of study materials can be shared to provide students the capability to explore various learning methods. Such study materials can even be shared by means of a specific student for a more personalized learning.

These all are really very interesting for students as there is no time limit for study. They can begin discussions or conversations at any time with the other students and teachers. As an effect, student involvement mission will be achieved. They will be interested in their study and even the class-room will be interesting for them. A friendly environment can resolve the problem of a teacher and 100 percent attendance will become a norm in the classes. Hope such ideas will be efficient and if you have any thoughts or suggestion, then discuss with us.

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    Tisha - 7/18/2016 6:19:15 AM

    This article is a home run, pure and simple!


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