Writing a reflective and impressive SOP to create a good impression

Are you submitting an application for a Graduate Program? If so, are you ready with your SOP? Whenever you have decided on the course to pursue and the colleges to apply; the first thing that you require is Statement of Purpose, as well termed as SOP.

Do you truly think that your good writing and presenting abilities will assist you get into the preferred college? To certain extent yes, writing abilities do matter in SOP. However again, it is not all about your efficient writing abilities; it is more concerning your interest in the course. Just take some second of time and envisage. Assume that, you are a staff of admission committee, and number of Statement of Purpose or application essays is piled up on your desk. Your job is to select the best among them to finish the admission process. How will you go through all such applications? Will you read all application essays from top to bottom? No right! The very first paragraph of each and every SOP will be adequate for you to judge the students passion for the course. Isn't it? Therefore, this is just to tell you that you are likely to make mistakes in your SOP because of which your application gets refused. Most significantly, we should never forget that the members in admission committee are very good in their job. They recognize very well that students present their SOP in the best possible manner. However at last, SOP is regarding you and not about how fine you can write. Obviously, you are stranger for the admission committee; therefore they wish for to know about you, basis for your interest in the course, how passionate you are, and the motive to apply in their college. If you are concerned on writing your SOP, just explore these points.

1) Make a list and get the whole details:

Performing research is for all time a good idea at any point of time. Once you are confident about the course, spare some time to prepare a list of colleges that you desire to apply. Whenever you are done by this; research about each and every college, criteria for admission and all other necessities. This can assist you in writing an efficient Statement of Purpose.

2) Find out the reason for your interest:

This is the primary thing which you must do before writing your SOP. If you want to carry on with the course, there may be reason behind it. Yes, most of them end up stating that they are very passionate for the course, they love doing so and so.... therefore they wish for to pursue the course. However let me remind you again that most of the applications on their desk encompass the similar lines written in it. Therefore, this is not an unusual thing which illustrates your passion for the course. Certainly, if you are pursuing the course it signifies that you are really interested. Therefore, instead of exhibiting how interested you are, it would be better if you tell them the cause for your interest.

3) Compose it more like a story and not merely a formal application:

This is the main reason that most of the Statement of Purpose gets refused. Most of the students form the application looks so formal that admission committee discovers it boring, instead of interesting or exceptional. Do not just begin with 'I am applying for the course as ......" This is not just boring however it as well seems formal with deficiency of strong wish to pursue the course. Instead start-up your SOP in the form of story. Like 'When I was in college .......' The first paragraph is very significant, as it assists to take the interest of the evaluator. Begin your SOP in such a manner that evaluator could not resist reading the whole application.

4) Show your experiences or activities:

The admission committee is smart adequate and they do not care how excellent you are in any other additional work. They are there to be familiar with your commitment and aim for the course you are applying. Therefore, it is for all time a good idea to add your work experience or any other activities which you have gained or attempted in earlier days. However again, if you do not have anything convincing, do not add needless stuff or fake information in your SOP.

5) Be specific and to the point:

Do not elongate your SOP unnecessarily. Do not employ words, phrases or sentences which do not represent your actual work or identity. Employ simple however reflective words. Adding unnecessary matter in your SOP can make it boring for the reader. They might lose interest after reading some lines of your application. Therefore, do not take this risk; instead make it concise however impressive. Do not make your SOP sound similar a rational work or a work of an exceptional writer. Make it fully original.

Four basic answers to be comprised in SOP:

On the whole, in a SOP; which course you wish for to pursue? Cause to pursue the course? Experiences that you encompass? Plans after completion of course? All such should be uniquely answered. Once completed, re-check your work.

In general, your SOP should be reflective, impressive and attention grabbing, in such a way that it makes a good impression to the evaluator.

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    Flossy - 7/18/2016 5:41:21 AM

    Impressive brain power at work! Great answer! your are an expert in writing, thanks dear!!


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