Do competitive exams hammer the confidence of students?

The competition is in the blood of each and every student. After school, there are countless struggles and competitions to get entry into colleges and universities. Each and every year after school, all student fight with pressure, tiredness, lack of poise and time to surpass one of the most vital milestones of the life. A hard working student spends days and nights in studying appropriately, sit in the examinations, write applications and survive in an exhausting expectation. Each and every pupil tries to get admission in a college. All students will be agreed that this circumstance is one of the most frantic experiences in their life. Therefore the question is it really necessary for the admission procedures rivets so much competition that undoubtedly accompanies to stress?

Now a number of students have been passed out every year from school, which is an apparent sign of competition for the admission process of college entry. We can barely suppose a non-competitive admission system. The principles of taking admission in college are - a student should encompass the intensity of knowledge which would let him or her administer with the course efficiently, certain skills such as analysis, ability to plan your work and be liable for the consequence is as well imperatively obligatory. This is not essential that all the school, students can become successful graduates. This will automatically make a situation for such incapable students for not acquiring any job. That signifies all the efforts of schooling time will be wasted.

Consequences of competitive admissions:

In contrast, the admission systems seem too competitive. The open view in some way makes it a make-it-or-break-it age in the life of students. Each and every student after passing out the school has a fear that if he or she will not be admitted to college in the similar year, then the career will be wrecked. This thinking makes them anxious and most of the time it makes disaster in their lives. There are several cases where students either committed suicide or tried to kill themselves that is quite pitiable.

In the year from 1946 to 1964, applying to college was very simple. Those were bounded for a four-year college usually after passing out the school. A few of the students applied for more than two to three colleges. The choice of college was principally based on the place, program offerings, cost, and the intricacy of admission. At that time applying to a college was in reality very simple. They could get seats as per their preferences.

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The competition is considered by loads as healthy, a truth of life, and is an embedded portion of academics, in which grades are often allocated and students ranked against one other in class reports in numerous countries.

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Wrap it up:

These days, this is quite hard to obtain a seat like it was so easy before. The students have to score maximum marks to survive in this competitive era. A few encompass huge money to get admission into the college where they wish for. However it is not always right. College seats must be for the right candidates as the donation hammers the confidence of the students. The plain rules are for studying more and then get good ranks in the exams. Then there will be options to get admission in good colleges.

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