Violence in Video Games and its Impact on Children

Violence is a behaviour, which is involved with physical force with the intention of damaging and hurting or killing people. Violence has connection with destructive force or the mentality of strength of cruel emotion. When violence has attachment with children, the whole scenario takes the different term. Children who have sensitive and soft mental structure, when they put their time playing video games of utmost violence, their senses get hurt. They use to get addicted of playing and seeing those bloodsheds and killing of people with bullets and other breathtaking ways. These playing pay a significant amount of impact on children's mindset and brain. At this little age, violent games are providing a cruel mentality to the child-gamers, at the later age, it might play a notable impression on them.

Violence in Video Games and its Impact on Children

Video game is a treasure for most of the children when they stay at home and spend their leisure. In the previous time, video game provided a good time pass for children and it was a good friend for children. However, with the advancement of time, the technologies also have improved. Video game has reshaped itself a lot in recent times. Video games have gone from 2D view to the 3D technology and cool graphics. Now, one can play video games at homely atmosphere with a large LCD TV screen and awesome sound quality. Recently, video games gadgets have improved themselves a lot. One can fully immerse oneself while they are playing the game. In recent time, not only the young gamers enjoy the video games, many young adults or adults also enjoy playing games a lot. According to Kinder (2011), now, one can relate the characters of the games and they can set their mission in the games as they want. The impressive illustrations, good sound, lively subjects and spectacular thrill in the recent video games have all to submerge oneself in it.

In recent time, video games discussions have taken the journals, media covers to enlighten the adults and the parents of the little gamers. Researchers averred that some of the video games really impact on children mind as video games enrich the mind of little gamers like cartoon does. They argue that there is no immediate link between gamers and video game. However, some people think that videogames comprise many scenes of bloodshed and massacre. Many researchers have opinions that violence on video games put the influence in mind irrespectively of the age, gender and location. Still, in the developed countries, children who live lonely at house, spend larger time to play video games with improves gaming consoles (Gee, 2013, p.20). Video games can be called a entertainment of the mind, which give vicarious feelings of the real adventurous world and adrenaline rush. Children get enamoured of video games as it provides enough thrill in their boring study life.
One of the most famous and highest seller video games is Call of Duty, and this video game offers the gamers to assume the role of a soldier who has to go the military zone to confront world's most threatening enemies. Call of Duty has many parts and these series give the gamers a real life experience as these have eye-catching graphics and images. There are many other video games, that offer violence, e.g. Manhunt (2003), Death Race, Postal, Ethnic Cleansing, Hotline Miami. These games are very popular among children and they are sold like hot cakes in the open market. In the recent time, one can download those from internet in free of cost. This advantage enables the gamers to have these without paying a penny. Now, one can play this in web platform with multiple gamers, this features also adds more life in video games. PlayStation, Xbox and Steam Machine are some of the recent gaming consoles that are using by children.

Violent Games and belligerent gamers have a link in them. They get involved in the video games and they fascinate those things in real life. These video games also kill the time of the active children who used to play at the ground earlier and joined extra-co curricular activities as well. A recent research has showed that the children who play alone are less get violent than the children who play with multiple users. Those lonely children show more aggression while playing the violent games (Wolock, 2014, p.55). Many researchers have conducted many researches among small children to verify the mentality of the children. It showed that most of the children between 10 and 15 spend time with video games every day. These numbers are high with boys. These violents, crushes of cars, bloodsheds, killings, breaking walls and crumbling houses give a feel to the children of extreme ecstasy. They like these feelings and these things put negative impact on child psychology. Media and other medium of social platforms show many violence too that can put influence on children's mind (Murphy and Pike, 2013, p.240).

General Aggression Model (GAM) showed that there is a complex relation between child psychology and the aggression of video games. There is a difference among many of the child behaviours while playing the video games and psychological responses. Many children get pugnacious while playing the video games. These aggressive behaviours get suppressed under the social cover, when they get chances of doing some violent thing, they do so in fervour (Walkerdine, 2007). There are many short-term effects also. These short terms effect may put less harm in the mind of the children. However, children's behaviour get changed when they elucidate the aggressive manner in front of the elder people. As opined by Krug et al. (2012, p.105), excessive violence and sexual illustrations in violent video games can cause change in the faith and attitudes of the child mind. These things can cause change in the children's behaviour. In many of the video games of recent times show that the theme of the negativity emphasizes very much. Violence and use of foul languages have increased in recent time. Electronic Software Rating Board (ESRB) has been giving rating according to the contents of the video games. The total packaging of the game needs to be judged altogether and it is also needed to consider how it would affect the mind of the child gamers. Unrestrained playing of video games can make child less social and more vulnerable. It makes one child more assailants in thoughts and deportment. As stated by Gimpel (2013), Parents and the elders need to take care about this and they need to monitor this issue when the children get involved with video games.

Video games are enjoyable and healthy if one plays with moderation. However, in order to attract the children more, makers are now using more violence and negativity in video games. Violence sells. Thus, video games are now a multi-billion dollars industry and they are earning a huge of amount of money selling those products. Children are the main target customers of the video games. Teenagers spend more times playing the video games in computers and Playstations. Video games have been making this way to make it more realistic that can attract the children. Some video games though have educational contents; however, children are attracted towards the violent games. It produces harm to the child-mind. However, some researchers show the bright light that playing video games is no longer put harm to the children's behaviour. Guardians can now release a sigh of relief from ‘moral panic'.

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