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Whatever is...Is A Day After Yesterday!!!!

Hi There!!

Being a single mother wasn't a CHOICE... It was destined...Long story short... I gave birth to Kevin when I was just 17, his coward father left me in the middle of the road, just because he doesn't want to be committed in a relationship, and he wants to fly like a free bird... And I let him fly... Love really SUCKS!!!

I decided to go back to school at 18, Kevin was a year old, and my mother was and is my biggest support. She looked after my boy. Life in Texas is not that easy, the city is beautiful, but things are expensive like hell!!!  I worked as a waitress in a restaurant... At gas station... and many more...Just for few bucks...enough to look after my family and for my studies... It took 8 long months to collect the money, and finally got the admission in one of the recognized high school at Texas, Dallas.

Wow...what a relief!! So many new faces, books, teachers... a new phase of my life... A new starting...I am ALL GET SET READY... I could feel the excitement of being called a student inside me... K 12 Roll No 15061567 was my identity in my school. I made many friends, being a hard worker; I was all liked by my teachers.  As I was working, I was a part time student, but still good in my studies. The only thing that was lacking...was lack of time...I have been just good not the best... if I had time could be the best as I had that urge of learning in me... There were many class tests... Assignments... I used to get a C... I wasn't that happy...though my Mother was proud of me and even Kevin too... :)

As it is said, there are miles to go, one has to be patience. I look for help to guide me to show me the path, to enhance my grades. I knew today's investment will give me a better tomorrow. I had a conversation with my teacher; she said she can provide me with tuitions but for that she charges $60 per hour, for me she can make it up to $40... I felt as vulnerable as I could feel my empty pocket... I came back with no help; I was helpless but not hopeless... I decided to do my assignments, my homework myself; I sat in front of my PC and started looking for my assignment notes... As I was going through a few of the sites... I met with ExpertsMind site... Online tutors...assignment help... Homework help and many more... affordable prices... Timing...according to your choice...  a dream comes true... instantly log in there and asked for online tutoring... the expert they provided me was really helpful. I even asked them to do my assignments and they did it with the preeminent quality work and the best thing is at a REASONABLE PRICE...

Today Kevin goes to his play school; I am in my last semester of my graduation even teaching in one of the best schools of Texas, Life is not that hard now... Many thanks to ExpertsMind... :)



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