How I crack my GMAT

 Happiest Day of My Life!!!


Another year of admits and rejection has come to an end. So I didn’t get the news I was hoping for. After months of hard work on my GMAT, application and then few months of anxiety ridden anticipation, finding out I was rejected was heart breaking…Wake up…wake up its 9 AM…I heard Mom’s voice.. But what is she doing here… Oh...Jesus…its freaking cold... “RAY its 9 AM, and ANGUS is waiting downstairs for you... Get up... You lazy bone!!!” As I opened my eyes I saw my mother’s face…she pulled away my blanket that’s why I was feeling cold…AWWEE…THAT WAS A DREAM... SHOULD I SAY A NIGHTMARE…?  THANK GOD!!!


Hey, I am Raynault… A Student...Graduate Student :)


The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

 Robert Frost


That’s what I believe in… I am a graduate student… an average student... I want to do MBA...And for that I am struggling hard... From last two years appearing in GMAT and RESULT… GOOD for NOTHING!!!

It didn’t go down well... I was not prepared when I appeared for my GMAT in January, 2014 as and I scored a mere 670 (83%).  Much water has passed under the bridge since then and I have now, for all intents and reasons, discarded the idea. It was a good idea but not in my case. :(

 So, you might ask, why an MBA? The answer is:


  • Career advancement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Better Job
  • Skill development
  • Networking
  • Change in job profile


So I took the date again, and buckle my pants and jump into the books, this time by hook or by crook I had to pass it. Keeping that in mind, I studied harde, I talked to a number of tutors, and they were very helpful, but I didn’t feel comfortable spending thousands of dollars that most of them charged. I ended up using TutorsGlobe an online site as well as my own research (including talking to a number of current or former students) to determine which book to refer. I assistance from ExpertsMind site was amazingly helpful, went through solved solution provided in their library solution…. With all that hard work I gave my exam. Well, the quantitative section went quite well, I did more than 50 or 55, I think so. After taking a short break I buckled up for English section (verbal).  As I went through the starting few questions... Hundred dollar smile appeared on my face... I KNOW THE ANS.  Now it’s the time for concentration, the rest of them weren’t that easy but I need to get them right at any cost…and I guess I did it correctly!  For a moment I though…Damn Am I really giving GMAT exam…the questions are quite easy…But another moment… 200 dollar sadness appeared on my face... when I saw the toughest part...that time I remembered…I shouldn’t get heartless and should allow myself getting bothered… I can do it…needs a little concentration but I will do it… with 500% motivational power I moved further… Completed by verbal as well...  And then the moment of Truth! I was so happy and excited that I completed all the sections and come to an end where the screen says “Show Scores”. I was numbed and pinched myself and said...Hell yessss… To be honest, I was expecting 730 but was that real…I got 770!! With excitement I raised my hands up and jumped up... hehe… I came out of the room… I could see my invigilator looked at my score sheet and gave a big…big smile.. Now…I was relieved and confident. .  I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MYSELF…MY WILL POWER… Ohk…ohk fine…Thank you friends for all the help…and Thank you ExpertsMind... For such a wonderful assistance…Cheers!!!!






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