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Take any three political leaders of India and evaluate their Mass Communication skills, covering their strengths and weaknesses in communication.

Political Leaders

1)  NarendraModi: The 15th Prime Minister of India and the ex-Chief  Minister of Gujarat who served the state thrice MrNarendraModi has projected himself in the last Loksabha Elections as a great orator. He possesses exceptional command over his voice and words. Apart from the words he speaks what is equally charming is the way MrModi speaks. He is an orator who is vocal and eloquent and knows how to capture his audience's attention. As a politician he does not shy away from being questioned about sensitive issues rather he chooses news channels to talk about the agendas he prefers on focus on than being bombarded by the questions he wishes to avoid. On of the major strengths of MrModi's speeches is the way he has decided to use Hindi as his language of communication irrespective of where he is. Whenever MrModi addresses a crowd he ensures that he knows his audiences and gives them what they are looking for. MrModi has created an aura around him which makes him a treat to watch and listen. He never reads out the speech as in case of many other politicians and thus it feels like every single word that he speaks is not just coming out of his mouth but his heart. MrModi involves the element of emotions in his speech which further strengthens his connection with his audience. He incorporates elements like humor, emotions, sarcasm, patriotism, interaction in his speeches which makes him one of the best orators of Indian politics in today's scenario. But at the same time through the speeches of MrModi he smells of narcissism. He has managed to put forth his arguments sometimes even under lack of data. Vide his speeches he makes aggressive attack on the opponent and appears to be arrogant on certain occasions. With this blend of various shades of his oratory skills MrModi is undoubtedly one of the finest orator Prime Minister India has ever had.

2) Lalu Prasad Yadav: Former Railway Minister  and ex-Chief Minister of Bihar MrLalu Prasad Yadav has a rustic manner of speaking which helps him to connect to his fellow men. The biggest strength of his oratory skills is that he gets the message across his audiences. MrYadav keeps his speeches simple so the audiences understand it well. A very important element which is found in speaking skills of almost all renowned and appreciated public speakers is humor. MrYadav knows quite well how to make use of this magic ingredient for the betterment of the recipe of his speech. The metaphors that MrYadav uses in his speech amaze people in a hilarious manner. The way he has compared the roads of Bihar with the cheeks of HemaMalini keeps one stumbled upon with amusement. On one hand the bucolic language of MrYadav appears very interesting and helps him connect with the people of Bihar, on the hand the same very bucolic language some times annoys the audiences of Hindi origin. His language itself adds a tinge of humor in his speech but the point made by MrYadav sometimes remains uncaught by the audiences who are not much in sync with his language.

3) Sonia Gandhi: UPA Chief and leader of opposition Ms Sonia Gandhi who is of Italian origin has never been successful in appearing as an appealing orator to the Indian crowd. One of the major disadvantages she has is that Hindi is not her first language. While delivering her speeches she reads out the entire speech which restricts her to connect with the crowd and makes it tougher for the crowd to feel convinced vide her words. It is not only about what you speak but how you speak too is equally important. One factor to her benefit is that crowd feels empathized as she has managed to learn Hindi in a more or less presentable form at public forum where many politicians stick to English while addressing to public. Other factors to her advantage are that she hails from the family of Gandhi's and the masses of India feel connected to the Gandhi family. Ms Sonia Gandhi tries to connect to these through her visits in the interiors of India. When she brings out the tragedies happened in her family while serving the nation the people of India feel her as one of them. But is mandatory to mention that in the last LokSabha elections held this year the mass communication skills of the candidates for the post of Prime Minister played an important role.

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