Is technology of 20th century synchronized with the way teachers taught

Is technology of 20th century synchronized with the way teachers taught?

With everything changing rapidly nowadays the ancient and traditional ways of many things have also changed. Many sectors have seen changes and thus adapting them is the only way to move further be it service sector or manufacture sector, every field has seen changes and to keep up their pace in the lives of people they are trying to follow whatever they should be following to cope up with the changes around.

 For instance education system of recent times has seen a certain change and thus the teaching techniques had to be changed accordingly. Now being a teaching is not about just teaching students, The teacher should be innovative enough to teach students not just the textbooks but also many other things.

Earlier it was just a classroom where teacher and student talk the about the textbooks, and after those exams were there to assess if the student has learned things. But now with advanced technology, everything is available on the internet. Students earlier used to do hard work for a simple matter just to find the right thing, by going through many books and newspapers or even asking to who so ever they felt like will give the answers. But now the student just has to Google everything and here is everything present at one place in front of them always.

With this advanced technology, teachers had to buckle up a bit more as there are live classrooms, e-books, e-learning to make a student learn the concept more clearly. So the teacher has to get to used to all these technologies in one go so that they can cooperate with the growing mind of children.

Though the traditional ways of education have changed, it has also affected the student teachers bond. As the availability of everything on the internet in one go has reduced the importance of a teacher. Student does not depend on teachers. Thus it creates a gap between a student and teacher. Although we know that with the presence of information, the student should be know how, where and what amount of data is appropriate for him/ her and for that he or she needs a teacher's guidance. Which nowadays is lacking? Also now classes are being conducted in a different way as compared to earlier times. The smart class is a class where everything Is online also the presence of e-books and online personalize classes.

And with all the competition is also increased, as the students have all the matter available. They run for marks rather than quality learning. Thus teachers have to think differently instead of teaching in ordinary ways instead an interactive and creative classed are in demanded. They have to inspire students in such a way that student doesn't lose the interest and can participate more in the studies.

Although many will say that the teacher's role somewhere has been diminished because of the technologies and on the go material available for students now, I still believe the old teaching techniques and guidance is still necessary for a student.

Being a teacher, I have noticed students fumble with all the information present for them at once. They don't know how to and when to use them. And also they hardly work on trying to find out if the matter they have is the thing they need while studying. For example, if they need to do any assignment instead of trying to write they'll search it online, and the copy pastes the matter. That is the disadvantage we are facing. Students now are not keen to learn things like before. They take things casually as they can get any answer online and due to which they hardly interact with teachers feeling that is just a waste of time and teacher doesn't know anything.

But students need to understand the teacher's role is not only to check and pass them in exams but also to guide them. The techniques might have changed, but no student can just excel in studies without a teacher's help. Teachers are trying catching up with the techniques, but students should also try to be in touch with their teachers. Teacher tries to make my student learn new things in every way possible. By giving them real life examples so that they can relate more.

Yes, the burden of teachers has been increased, and they have to work more as compared to before. Though the technology is meant to ease the work of a teacher, instead with all the things available there teachers have to look after that the students don't misuse the matter and can make every part of it useful.

The live classrooms or the smart classes available is there to ease the teacher's work as what teacher have to do is to play videos online and stream it in the classroom while telling them what is happening. But also the teacher also has to look out if the student stays interested in the sessions and are getting everything.

Though the technology had helped children, it also has its effects negatively on them. With too much of knowledge and matter student just don't understand if that is genuine enough? I mean what is the proof if the things they good to go for them. Everything we find on the internet is not necessary right. So, that why students need a teacher to tell them the difference between what is right and what is not.

Talking to some students, they did agree that they do need teachers to understand the technology better. Obviously, you cannot make the use of matter better if you don't know what you're supposed to do with the thing you have. So at that point, this technology seems null.

Students should not feel that teachers are not of use. Teachers are there for a reason. They are there to guide you and help you out. It is not wrong to know and use the technology to study in fact if you have the knowledge it is perfect for you, it means you are moving ahead with time and adapting changes. But with the teachers, you'll be able to make it best of it also that will help to know things more. As your teacher teaches you with all their experience, they'll make you understand things better. So the things you are reading doesn't just stay temporarily instead it stays with you forever.

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