How to Make a Great First Impression with Anyone

How to Make a Great First Impression with Anyone

William Hazlitt in one of his essays said, "First impressions are the truest impressions". The statement made by the famous essayist is worth considering. It is indeed a well known fact that first impressions are very crucial in forming opinion about an individual. Even runs an oft quoted proverb "first impression is the last impression." In this context it is to be noted that" impression "as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary basically refers to "an idea, a feeling or an opinion you get about something or somebody". So first impressions are primarily the first idea or opinion one forms about an individual at the first glance.

To create a great first impression is very necessary in any field of life. Be it a professional ground, an academic career, a first date or a first meeting with an eminent person, first impressions are sure to lead the next steps. There are indeed several important factors which must be kept in mind while thinking of a great first impression with anyone. In any field of life such factors are very crucial. One such important factor to be mentioned here is smile. While meeting a person for the first time greeting him or her with a warm smile is indeed very necessary. A smiling face is always welcome than a sad or depressed face. Moreover smile always reflects the peace of the inner soul. So smile is certainly an important factor in determining what impression one is to make for the first time.

As making a first good impression sets the scene for how the person continues to perceive you, being calm and cool on the very first meeting is necessary. A calm look is sure to win the heart of the person standing opposite. When others find one composed they can let responsibilities on the individual's shoulder. Besides this they will also look forward in meeting that person and will relying on them. So staying calm and composed on the first meeting plays a key role in making a great first impression.

Making a good posture, while talking during the first meet, is another very important factor. There is no need of biting fingernails or crumpling with hair as it can reveal the inner anxiety. Fidgeting can be really distracting and might show the lack of interest in the other person. It is always necessary to create an interest in the other person. So making a proper posture is again another crucial determining factor in making a dashing first impression.

It is very necessary to stay focused on the person one is going to meet for the first time. One should not shift the focus to anything or anyone else around on the first meet. This may lead to the person feeling unwanted or unappreciated. Hence creating a strong focus is very important.

Making eye contact with the person sitting opposite is another determining factor during the first meeting. It is necessary to look constantly while speaking towards the person's eye. This trick is sure to win over the heart of the person on the other side.

The positive attitude of walking straight without any hesitation and introducing oneself to the person is another very crucial trick and is bound to bowl over the person completely. The conversation can be started on any topic such as current affairs, sports, and celebrities' etc.But it is very important to remember that the topic of the conversation should always start and end on a positive note. Any negative vibes is sure to create a negative impression and can destroy the entire process.

Dress code is also an important issue while create a first impression. Be it a professional meet or an academic one the dress should always be unique and proper. It is necessary to determine the body type and decide the dress that suits best .A properly well dressed individual is sure to win the medal in winning one's heart at the first meet.

While talking with person standing opposite it is necessary to be expressive. This will definitely make the other person realize that the person he is talking to is surely an interesting person to talk to. If on the other hand one is too reserved or quiet it appears that the person is not interested in making any conversation and surely is a turn off. Introvert persons lag much behind when comes the question of making a great first impression with anyone. To be expressive is another key factor in determining the level of success in impression.

One should avoid letting down other people's opinion just to win over his own point. Respecting others endeavor in a particular field while trying to convince even one's own point is very crucial in creating a good impression.

Displaying self confidence is again an important factor in the field of creating impression. One should have a prominent display of self confidence in talking with a person for the first time. Self confidence always plays an important role in creating good impression for the first time.

However it is always necessary to be one's own self in the first meet. There is no need to pretend or try to be something which the individual is actually not. Fake pretensions are always very easy to detect. It can thereby lower the impression leading to an unsatisfactory consequence.

An approachable and friendly body language is very necessary while creating an impression. One should remain cautious about the walking style and postures. It will certainly create a good impression.

Thus various factors are necessary in creating a great first impression. Since first impression is the last impression it is indeed very significant to lay proper care on such pertinent issues while on a first meet.  A properly created impression can lead an individual to a very bright future in the days to come. It can change the entire course of life and open up a new vista.

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