Environmental Protection Should Be Started From Our Side

Environmental Protection Should Be Started From Our Side 

''Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

-Mahatma Gandhi

The aforesaid statement made by the Father of the nation bears ample significance in our lives. Very often we wish to change the norms of the world .But we never think of being the change that we want to see. Similar is the case with the issue of environmental protection. Rapidly developing industrialization and globalization had caused much harm to the universe. Various seminars, conferences are held on an international basis to create awareness among people against environmental degradation. However besides holding such awareness program if we ourselves take initiative in protecting the environment against damage caused by various technological innovations, it would turn out to be a much effective measure.

"Environmental protection" as the term implies, is primarily a practice of protecting the natural environment from degradations caused to it by various man made sources. With the passing of each century, men have improved the technologies and other means necessary for higher production of wealth and have been randomly exploiting nature for his purpose. However, while tampering with nature he has broadly overlooked the consequences which exploitation is sure to bring. As a result of this the ecological balance is disturbed posing threat to all the three amenities of life- air, water and soil.

Air pollution- one of the prime concerns of the 21st century is responsible on a large scale for environmental degradation. It is generally caused by emission of various harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, smokes from factories, chimneys etc. In order to prevent this we can take initiative from our own side by reduction in the use of vehicles which emits such poisonous gases. Moreover outlets of factories should be closed so that the air does not get polluted. Once the initiative is taken from our own side it may lead to a global change.

Again, water, one of the basic constituents of life on this planet is largely polluted by various sources nowadays .Washing of clothes, utensils on the rivers, ponds, lakes, allowing of pipes from factories to open in the rivers, bathing of animals etc result in water pollution. Besides this, increased use of fertilizers and insecticides also pollutes the drinking water of ponds and wells. The harmful fertilizers even seep through the earth and pollute the ground water. We should take immediate measures to stop such degradation of water. Consciousness that we should create from our own side includes imposing restrictions on using pond, river, or lake water for domestic purposes. Once such awareness is created it can lead to long drawn consequences.

Soil, one of the main components of life in this planet is exposed to random degradation these days. For increasing the productivity and growth rate of crops and cereals sowed in the fields' huge amount of chemical fertilizers are used. Again, to prevent the crops from insects and pests various insecticides and pesticides are used .These fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides used in the soil reduces its natural fertility thereby polluting it leading to degradation in its quality. In the old days, a particular piece of land was used for plantation for several years. But in the present century a field loses its fertility once it is used and hence cannot be utilized for several years. We should create awareness campaign among the farmers and make them acquainted with the demerits of using such harmful chemical fertilizers and other equivalent products. We ourselves should take resort to natural products while gardening. Such initiatives taken from our part can be positive in lessening the disastrous effects of environmental degradation.

Production of terrible sounds through various vehicles, leads to the creation of noise pollution. Such noise near the hospitals, medical centers are very injurious to the persons admitted there. Instances of heart attack due to such loud noises are plenty. We should create restrictions on making noises near these areas. Even ban should be imposed on loud noises near schools. These measures can prevent the dire consequences of noise pollution and our environment can also be saved from further degradation.

Environmental degradation and public health are directly related because both of them are determined by the interplay and integration of two ecological factors-the internal environment and the environment which surrounds him. Through various awareness measures this consciousness should be grown among people that in order to protect themselves, they should protect the environment. Environmental degradation should be checked immediately or else our mother earth will turn to a graveyard. We should have balanced and well planned industrial growth in order to prevent this degradation.

As inhabitants of this planet, rather than blaming others for polluting the environment, reducing it to a crematory, we should take some responsibilities on our own sholuders.5th June considered as the World Environment Day should be observed at our own initiative. It should be positively done to raise global awareness to protect our nature and the planet. We should take the motto of planting more and more trees at least in our own locality. Once our own locality is covered with a green belt, it would lead to the creation of awareness among the general public. The process of turning the earth into a green planet might be slow but it will be steady .If there is strong will and determination in our mind we can definitely achieve success in our goal. But the first and foremost step that is to be taken is initiative from our own side rather resting the responsibility on others. If followed aptly, our planet is sure to achieve the title of green planet. Gandhi was indeed very thoughtful when he uttered the above mentioned words. He was very keen on understanding that attempt taken on one's own side can be very effective in preventing our environment from the ongoing degradation. The world will indeed turn to a better place for living if initiatives are taken at the right time in right direction.

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