Carbonated drinks can affect bones specially infants and new born baby

Carbonated drinks can affect bones specially infants and new born baby

Carbonated drinks are liquid that has dissolved carbon dioxide to improve taste. In market there are some types of carbonated drinks. Mainly are like water, cola, diet drinks beer and sodas. It gives some kind of pleasing taste to people but phosphoric acid is used to enhance the flavour in some carbonated drinks can interfere with calcium absorption and result in loss of calcium form bones. Carbonated beverages are not a good idea at the age of two.

         As we all know before birth of new borns the baby is nurtured by woman in their womb. Normally in sense women are usually drink more cola drink than milk but they have a lower intake of calcium.

Fluid is important for human body. Pregnant mother have to take beneficial fluid to nourish the baby. During pregnancy a women have to intake of eight glass of water per day. Water is very usefulfor the pregnant lady as it contains minerals needed by the mother. As it prevents from constipation a pregnant lady must intake fluid like juice, milk, energy drinks and even soda. As soda has dissolved carbonated water that contains carbon dioxide into higher pressure which results a carbonated acid, sugar and acid. This is definitely not a healthy mixture to be taken. Infact soda might contin artificial sweetener that is also not good for our health. Through the mother carbonated soda transported to coming baby and may be resulted harmful for it.

# drinking of carbonated drink will remove the enamel from our teeThey become yellow. Infant's bones are not strong enough so the carbonated drinks effect too much. Teeth becomes yellow and bleaching cannot be work here because yellow is not from stains. It is from enamelnthinning and starts becoming dark. Slowly over time it turns to greyish yellow. A single can of soda contains the equivelent of 10 tea spoons of sugar. This amount of sugar, especially in liquid form can cause insuline reaction in the body. Overtimes this can lead to diabetes or insuline resistance and may be other health problem. Soft drinks companies are the largest user of sugar in the country.

Main components are water, caffiene, sugar, aspartame, carbondioxide, acids, flavour, juices, artificial colors, sodium, foaming agent, artificial flavours and BVO.

BVO: - Brominated vegetable oil which contains bromine an ingredient used to keep couches and carpet from catching fire is added to beverages like mountain Dew, Coca Cola, Gatorade, spirite and some citrius soda to protect flavour.

Effects on infants: When bromine in vegetable oil gets inside the body, it can displace iodine and therefore increases the deficiency of iodine. The lake of iodine has been linked to an increased risk of breast, ovary and prostate cancer. Due to consumption of this much carbonated drinks can result undesirable health effects.

Aspartame: this chemical is used as sugar substitutein diet soda. There are 92 different side effect associated with aspartame consumption including brain tumors, brain defects, diabetes, emotional disorder and epilispsy or seizures.

Tap water: Drinking tap water contains many numbers of chemical including chlorine, triihalomethane, lead, cadmium and various organic pollutants. Tap water is main ingredient in bottled soft drinks.

Clearly the over consumption of soda and sweet drinks is one of the leading cause fuelin the world wide obesity epidemic.

Dental effect:  Consuming soft drinks can have negative effect on children's dental health. Some studies explain that excess intake of sugar; especially sugered drinks can damage the enamel on teeth. As we all know it is the hardest part of our body. If these drinks can break our strongest part, then drinks can lead to plaque build up and cavities. This leads to decay of teeth and gum disease.

Disruptive behaviour, hyperactivity:  Many parents see the difference in their child after consumption of large amount of sugered drinks while some are affected more than others. Carbonated drinks create flucuating glucose and may be hyperactivity in your child. Sugered drinks enteres the bloodstream very quickly. In some cases intake of suger can increase adernaline in the body, which makes your child hyper or have increased energy. And the change of behaviour can be seen. Their behave changes rapidly. They irritate easily. Happy, anxiety, irritated, can be seen through next moment. Somewhere carbonnated drinks are also responsible for this kind of abrupt changes.

Addiction: Most of kids become addicted to soft drinks. This is all because of addiction to taste, Caffiene content or sugar content. This content added to drinks to enhance the taste and children like it too much. This factor made them addicted. And when they reduce the intake of caffeine can cause to headache, irritability and may be depression.

Infants are specially affected by drinking soft drinks on bones

OSTEOPOROSIS: Expert told that drinking carbonated drinks can cause osteoporosis, a medical condition in which bones become brittle and fraggile from loss of tissue as a result of harmonalchange or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D.

When soda displaces milk: Kids do not like milk much. They want something good to eat or that taste them much. And soda drinks contains taste enhancer that kids like too much. Thus soda drinks displaces milk. They take their diet as soda beverages. If it happens and they are taking milk in their breakfast can cause the deficiency of calcium and the necessary proteins.

           Probably those who have high soda intake, there is a risk of fructure. This is not just because of intake of high soda, they have low intake of milk or necessary nutrients. These things have been shown to be linked in various studies. But when we look at the ingradients of soda and give those to theircalcium composition, nothing happen at all.

But the basic idea is that high intake of soda leads them away from milk and this causes the deficiency of calcium. And we all know about the importance of calcium. This is necessary for bones.

Osteoporosis is very serious issue now a day. 


1.      Limit mobility, which often leads to feeling of isolation.

2.      Bones becomes fragile and weak enough to break with little stroke.

3.      Deficiency of calcium

4.      Teeth decay.

Type 2 diabetes: Due to large consumption of surgary drinks. It can lead to type two diabetes. Experts verified that due to added sugar content or beverages is associated with the risk disease. Artificial sweetener could have adverse effect on infants as well as adult too.

                  Clearly all these shown that it's very dangerous to infants, new born baby even to adults. Over consumption of carbonated drinks caused health problem. So avoid all sugarated beverages if you don't want to suffer in your life. Or you should limit on these kinds of drinks.

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