Can We Get Quality Assignments in No Time

Can We Get Quality Assignments in No Time?

Quality assignments can be achieved with proper time management. Students should always note down the due date. They should check with their teachers and tutors to confirm the deadline. Then they can start making a plan of getting it done. But due to other subjects and activities, it's normal for students to run out of time. They can again consult their teachers and ask for more time. It is normally how things work in the school. With the advent of technology, teachers expect more from their students. They are no longer flexible with time and assume the students to get things going.

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Many teachers who relax a bit on time as they look for quality work. They want the students to corporate, do research and get the assignment done. But this only makes the students feel more burdened. After spending hours in schools, they don't like to sit longer hours at study desks labouring on assignments and homework. They only end up complaining more and more. Every student has the same reaction to hearing about assignments. Never will a cheer go up!

Quality Work requires More Time

Teachers demand quality work from students. In turn, they also expect the students to refine their readings and research work. Not all students are the same. Even those getting A or A+, have their fair share of struggles. It's only that they don't see the point in highlighting it. Teachers should not overload or burden their students. They should see things realistically.

Quality work cannot be done overnight. It requires a lot of time. It involves research and plenty reading. Plus, there's planning and formatting involved too. It cannot be completed in a few hours. We are talking about days. Now, if there's an expert involved that maximum three hours, and the work is done! Students have other things to do than school work. They have friends to socialize with, clubs and activities to participate in plus revise for exams.

Tips for Quality Assignments

Students should do a bit of brainstorming before starting off with their assignments. This gets the ideas flowing. They can recheck the assignment question and topic with their teachers. Students should also ask for hints in getting the work done. Here are more tips:

- Go through the syllabus: by doing this, students will have more ideas. Plus they will know what the assignment or homework is related to

-  Objective: writing a statement about the assignment is a good way to start

- Challenge: take up the task. Through the writing style and compilation of ideas, show the teacher that you know what you are doing

- Make small notes: while reading or researching the topic, its best to take down small notes. Make a summary of it and use it in the body of the assignment 

- Yesteryear: go to the school library and go through the past year assignments. This usually helps in giving you a fair idea of what the teacher is expecting 

-  Use computer: writing days are gone. For a more professional and business kind of look, it's best to get the assignment typed. This improves the look and presentation 

It should be kept in mind by the teacher and lecturers that the assignment is achievable. They shouldn't task students something which they won't be able to accomplish. Teachers should be creative. They should look at ways to motivate and encourage the students to complete the assignments. They shouldn't repeat the questions. This only ends up hitting the students nerves and eventually makes them disinterested. Here's more that teachers should do: 

-  Flexible: one shouldn't be so strict about the deadline. If a student is asking for more time, the teacher should be welcoming 

- Purpose: discuss the purpose of the assignment; so that student doesn't draw conclusions that the assignments are out of context or waste of time 

-  Performance Criteria: inform the students about the marking criteria of the assignments. Keep it realistic 

-  Readings: relay to the students what texts or books will help them with the assignments. It will also make things easier for them 

-  Individuality: go through the individual work of the students. Keep an open mind to their thoughts and views and way of putting it down 

-  Reference Style: it's better to highlight the type of reference to be used. Teachers should also give examples of the style to be used 

If teachers and students work together, quality assignments can be accomplished in no time. 


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